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Topic: Images in description

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PostForum: RSS2HTML (RSS to HTML Converter)   Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2011 10:22 pm   Subject: Images in description
We are trying to place an external rss feed onto our webpage using rss2html that we are hosting on our own server. The issue we are having is that we are pulling an rss feed that has images inside the description. We want to remove those images, seperate them from the description, and display them to the right of the news story, in a thumbnail. Right now we have used css to hide the images from the description and have tried and placed these


but no luck.

So, to recap at this point we have removed the image from the description, but how do we get it back to show in a seperate cell by itself?

Is there a solution to this issue, is this something that rss2html pro can guarantee a fix for should I purchase it?

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