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12/02/2004 Interview with Father Christmas
In a surprisingly candid interview Father Christmas speaks exclusively to Alistair Schofield about his background the pressures of the job and reindeer.

12/02/2004 Beyond the pyramid
The combination of process automation and outsourcing is having a profound effect on both the way in which we work and the way we manage work. Alistair Schofield considers the implications for the traditional hierarchy and the purpose of management in a world where the supervision of labour and production is no longer a primary objective.

12/02/2004 Fat man versus thin man
Edward de Bono considers the difference between analysis and design.

12/02/2004 Sad lessons from Shell
Robert Heller of lifts the kimono on Royal Dutch-Shells "radical modernisation".

11/01/2004 Absenteeism - problem or symptom?
Alistair Schofield argues that while tackling absenteeism by direct action may alleviate the problem in the short-term, addressing the causes of the problem will provide long-term benefits.

11/01/2004 Short-termism is killing us!
As the pace of change increases, so too does the need to plan ahead. Yet the reality is that many of us assign far too much importance to short-term tasks rather than long-term priorities.

11/01/2004 Economic Review - November 2004
David Kern argues that global economic growth has slowed markedly in recent months and the business environment has become distinctly more difficult. Fears of recession are still unwarranted but a further marked slowdown in the pace of growth is highly likely and business risks are worsening.

11/19/2004 Interview with Robert Levering
Alistair Schofield speaks to Robert Levering the author of seven books on workplace issues and co-founder of the Great Place to Work® Institute.

10/15/2004 Interview with Bob Mason
Alistair Schofield speaks to Bob Mason who through roles in BT London Underground and the NHS has become one of the UK's most senior and experienced HR Directors.

10/14/2004 Recruitment errors cost Britain £12b
Alistair Schofield looks at the costs of recruitment errors and at making the process of filling vacancies more effective.

10/13/2004 Danger! - New ideas approaching
At the time of year when many of us are producing our plans for 2005 David Smith Chief Executive of The Global Future Forum challenges us to consider whether we have really considered the future or whether our plans are simply and extension of the past.

09/12/2004 Interview with David Smith
Gill McKay speaks to David Smith Chief Executive of The Global Future Forum.

09/01/2004 Pulse - The report of The Global Future Forum
The report is based on the assessment by an international body of experts business commentators and professional of a variety of future scenarios famed in the near future 2008. It is designed to build a consensus of opinion as to how various trends might impact future conditions and practices within economic and industry sectors.

09/05/2004 Has project become a dirty word?
With the press full of stories of project failure you could be forgiven for thinking that "project" is a dirty word in many organisations. However Tony Teague argues that success is not difficult to achieve if we learn the lessons of the past and apply a few basic rules to all new projects.

09/04/2004 Does training work?
Much training investment is wasted on activities unrelated to business need. Gauging effectiveness may be difficult - but that is no excuse for ducking the challenge says Susanna Mitterer

08/08/2004 Rightsizing bizspeak proactively
A light-hearted look at the damage business jargon can do to the clarity of communication along with an invitation to play "Business Buzzword Bingo!"

08/05/2004 Interview with Nick Hewson, CEO of The Hewson Group
Alistair Schofield interviews Nick Hewson CEO and founder of the Hewson Group.

08/05/2004 Improving the Return on Training Investment
Alistair Schofield argues that a large proportion of the money spent on training programmes is wasted but that the return on investment in training can be dramatically improved by adopting a different approach.

08/04/2004 Economic Review - August 2004
David Kern formerly NatWest Chief Economist argues that Britain's short-term economic prospects are unusually positive but careful strategic planning is needed to exploit opportunities and cope with risks & pitfalls.

07/04/2004 The director's new profession
Professor Bob Garratt argues that in the post-Enron era the debate has now moved on from 'Board Conformance' to 'Board Performance'.

07/03/2004 Networking for success
Alistair Schofield argues that networking ought to be built into all leadership development programmes and Rowan Gormley describes the importance of external points of reference to Virgin Wines.

07/02/2004 Is Regulatory Enforcement of operational issues the way forward?
In May 2004 the DTI announced a short consultation period on the shape and substance of an Operational and Financial Review OFR which will enter company law early in 2005 and which will require UK listed companies to provide information that is way beyond the scope of anything they have provided before. By David Harvey and Nick Hewson.

07/04/2004 Interview with Rowan Gormley, CEO of Virgin Wine
Philip Whiteley speaks to Rowan Gormley Chief Executive of Virgin Wines about the Virgin approach to entrepreneurship and risk management.