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Web 4 Marketing tips

05/19/2009 Exceeding customer expectations - an example
Ziptech Services send an anniversary card by traditional mail to thank valued clients.

04/08/2009 Sales lesson from an Arab Souk
Tourists are hassled by retailers offering low prices to get them to look at the full product range. But the tourists dislike the approach and may not buy as a result. Too many websites concentrate on low price rather than building their unique identity.

03/04/2009 Free Give-Aways - Your best Promotion tactic
Concentrate on generating incoming links instead of spending money on advertising or other promotion. Creating a really good tool for your industry will generate such links from clients and competitors if you offer it freely for a simple acknowledgment of your authorship.

02/04/2009 How much should you spend on AdWords?
In a recession you want to reduce costs yet maximise sales. The solution is to focus on your key long term products and customer service.

12/31/2008 Top 10 SEO companies for 2009
Annual survey of most successful UK search marketing companies in achieving top rankings for themselves.

12/03/2008 Urgent Cash Flow Action
The economy is in turmoil. Business survival is now the priority. Ensure you have positive cash flow over the next month before any longer term planning

11/05/2008 Maximise sales and Kill your Brand
The law of diminishing marginal returns applies to advertising. Low cost brand building is best done by concentrating on quality service to existing customers to encourage repeat business and referrals.

10/08/2008 Strategies for Recession
Cash flow must be the main priority but continued development and customer focus is essential for growth. Hard times give you an opportunity to gain market share.

08/28/2008 What makes Search Advertising so effective?
The main advantage of search advertising is that searchers find it useful. Instead of interrupting other activity, good search adverts help the searcher find the information they need. The result is that is a tool that all businesses shoudl use so long as it is immediately profitable

08/04/2008 Branding for Small Companies
Brands are thought to be names and logos expensively produced and promoted. But their importance is the image in the customer mind. This is built from a mix of all the experiences of contact with a company. Small companies actually have an advantage over large ones in having more direct contacts.

07/03/2008 Google AdWords Bidding Strategy
Latest research suggests profitability of different ad positions vary with the nature of the keywords being used. Normally advertisers are advised to check profit first on low level positions before ramping up the campaign.

06/04/2008 Web 2.0 strategy for small business
First ensure your standard website functions effectively. Then allocate sufficient time to develop a network on a continuing basis. Learn the ropes before developing new networks. Always integrate with overall marketing strategy.

05/06/2008 Lies, Damned Lies and Web Analytics
The reason for the growth of the internet as a key marketing tool in preference to traditional media is its measurability.
Yet each analytics program is liable to give different results from its competitors due to the program design and the limitations inherent in the internet and its use.
Use the data, but remember the pitfalls.

04/07/2008 Increase customer feedback at no cost
Use the information you gain from enquiries and downloads from your website to generate feedback from those that otherwise you may never contact again. A follow-up email can be automated to provide key tracking data to improve your business.

03/04/2008 Double Your Business - at no cost!
The key to the profitability of websites is their effectiveness in converting visitors to customers. Yet most marketing budgets are spent first on Pay per Click and second on search engine optimisation. Improving your conversion rate from 1 to 2% doubles your business for the same promotion cost.

02/04/2008 Using Web 2.0 - Experimenting with Blogs
Active networking required by some Web 2.0 sites seems not to add real value for the searcher. However blogs could be a major tool for generating niche discussions. Here is an experiment at

12/28/2007 Top 10 SEO companies for 2008
7th annual survey of the UK top 10 SEO companies based on their own performance of achieving top ranking positions for themselves.

12/05/2007 Should SME companies use Web 2.0?
Web 2.0 offers a new level of interaction with potential customers. Success requires significant investment in time and results are difficult to measure. Entrepreneurs must either find the time themselves or rely on a sophisticated Web 2.0 PR strategy

11/02/2007 How Valuable are Email Newsletters?
The great majority of newsletters are never read. Are they still a valuable promotional tool? They work better for those already committed to your services rather than persuading totally fresh readers.

09/26/2007 Business Start-Ups - Increasing the Chances of Success
TestYourMarket is a new service to help Entrepreneurs focus on refining web business strategy and marketing quickly and cheaply before major spend.
Look at
We are trying to increase the chance of business success rather than putting right a web site that does not work.

09/06/2007 New Business Start-Ups in Malawi
The Microloan Foundation has proven success in financing micro businesses in Malawi. Expansion requires more charitable donations. Web 4 Marketing is a keen supporter.

08/03/2007 Make your Website Work
Use online enquiry forms rather than simple email so that you can track the source of successful clients and understand their needs.
The right form also enables you to ensure you collect crucial information to help sales follow up.

07/05/2007 Solving Web Marketing Problems
Most new web campaigns will need improvement in the light of results. The crucial stage is to analyse the reasons for any problem areas and test improvements. For this a Pay per Click campaign provides the cheapest test bed for measuring results quickly.

07/05/2007 Learn from competitors' websites
One of the best sources of new ideas for improving your own websites is your competition. After all they are interested in the same market as you and have directly relevant experience.
Competitors' sites are particularly useful for providing a measure against which you can test your own site. Visitors find it easier to choose between 2 options than evaluating a proposition in a vacuum.

04/27/2007 How Important are Sitemaps?
Sitemaps must fulfill 2 uses: Human and Search Engine. Each has their own needs and format and must be automatically updated as new content is added.

04/03/2007 Sponsored or natural listings? Which should you target?
Most webmasters assume that their aim should be to make their sites top of the natural listings on the basis that they will then get traffic for free. In practice as soon as you start thinking about a plan of action, you also have to start making choices.

03/03/2007 Generating More Leads at Less Cost via the Web
Read the story of how Ziptech Services learned to improve the profitability of their website. A series of gradual improvements made a radical difference to the cost per sales lead.

02/05/2007 Guidelines for a Marketing Website
7 simple guidelines to ensure new websites are effective in marketing. Or use them to check on an existing site that may not be performing as required.

01/03/2007 The best UK search engine marketing companies for 2007
The fifth annual survey of the top UK search engine marketing (SEM) companies based on their achieved rankings for themselves.

12/05/2006 Writing effective white papers
White papers should be written with reader reactions and needs always in mind. Once you know the paper is effective, maximise its use throughout relevant sites.

11/06/2006 Increasing your B2B conversions
Downloadable white papers now seem to be the most effective method of encouraging web visitors to leave their names and contact details. Conversion rates achievable are 10-20%

10/04/2006 The best website tool of 2006 - and it's free!
Google Analytics is the free web stats program designed for marketers. It focuses on measuring 'successful' outcomes and thus provides directly useful information.
Setting up the program is not always straight forward so every step has to be checked.

08/30/2006 Small business finance in Malawi
The Microloan Foundation provides micro finance and support to enable the poor and Aids sufferers in Malawi to start their own businesses and become self-reliant. Please sponsor my charity walk to assist raising more monies.

08/03/2006 B2B Marketing by size of customer in the USA recently studied a sample of technology companies and their online marketing methods. One conclusion likely to be relevant to the UK in many B2B sectors is the importance of adapting your strategy to the size of prospect. Large companies have different decision processes from small ones.

06/27/2006 Where are your best potential customers?
our marketing budget should be targeted according to the potential of each group to return real business profit. A study of the relative performance of different customer channels on the internet proves the importance of existing contacts, then search engines as against all other links.