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03/27/2007 RSS Component Available Free
FeedForDev, an RSS component and/or ActiveX control is now available free of charge. FeedForDev allows software developers to actively communicate with users from within their software using RSS Feeds! Contact us and we will provide a free registration key that can be entered into the trial version.

03/20/2007 Monetizing Podcasts
Podcasts started out as fun ways for ambitious garage DJs, independent musicians and talk show hosts, who had not ventured into radio broadcasting as a way to show their stuff and make a name for themselves. What started as a hobby for many, has turned into a lucrative profession for some.

Not surprisingly, podcasters, just like radio stations, have looked for ways to profit from their on-air dialogue.

Monetizing Podcasts

03/19/2007 13 Tips to Maintaining an RSS Feed Subscriber Base
You have an RSS feed and you have worked hard to get the word out. According to your logs you have subscribers! Now the hard part: how to retain the subscribers to your RSS feed. Follow these simple steps to insure that your subscriber base will grow.

13 Tips to Retain RSS Subscribers

03/06/2007 Podcasting Tips
Down and dirty guide for podcasters. Follow these tips and be on your way to a popular podcast. By adopting good podcasting practices, you will be on the path to podcasting success.

Podcasting Tips

03/05/2007 RSS Scripts Updated
The RSS Scripts in the FeedForAll RSS Scripts Directory have ALL been updated.

The details on the new RSS script versions can be viewed in the release notes of each script. The updated scripts include: rss2html , FutureRSS , RSS Cache , RSSmesh , SQL2RSS , rss2html Pro , and RSS2SQL .

02/27/2007 Podcast Audio Recording Tips
When you are producing a podcast on a regular basis it is important that you select an appropriate location for the recording to take place. The location should be free of external distractions and relatively quiet. It is easiest if you use the same location each time, that way the equipment can remain in place and will not require moving or setup each time you produce a show.

The room should have a carpet or furniture that will absorb echoes and dampen the sound. The room should also have a door, so that you will not have unexpected interruptions. Reduce extraneous noise by turning off fans or any equipment. Consider hanging a note on the door, so that you will not be disturbed while recording.

Recording Away from Home
When taking your podcast on the road it is equally important that the quality of the podcast is not compromised for the sake of portability. Consider using a directional microphone or finding a quiet alcove for interviews when on the road.

Podcast Audio Recording Tips

02/26/2007 PC Mag Recommends FeedForAll
Once you post the podcast file on your Web site, you'll want an RSS feed to get the podcast out to your listeners, and for this I recommend a solution that you have to pay for, FeedForAll.

complete article on podcasting

02/20/2007 Latest RSS News from FeedForAll
NEW Audio Recording for Podcasters
We have released new audio recording and editing software specifically designed for podcasters. Additional information and a trial version of RecordForAll can be downloaded at:

NEW iPod Tutorial
NotePage has sponsored a free iPod tutorial that explains the differences between the iPod models. It also deciphers the technical jargon used on websites to explain the iPods various features and functions. The iPod tutorial includes screenshots to assist users in setting up the basics, from the date and time to their contacts. The iPod tutorial is even designed to help advanced iPod users to take advantage of the iPods more advanced and complex features. The free iPod tutorial can be accessed by clicking the following link

Podcasting Bundle
We are running a 7 day only special on the podcasting bundle. The bundle includes RecordForAll, FeedForAll and a subscription to the RSS Scripts Directory. The 7 day special allows publishers to purchase the bundle for an additional $ 5.00 off. This is a total of $ 15.00 off the normal prices! Enter the coupon code ffanews . This special is only good until February 28, so act soon.

NEW FeedForAll Release
We are very pleased to announce the release of FeedForAll v3. The new version of FeedForAll has full support for extensions and includes unified publishing that allows publishers to easily upload files along with their feed. Additional details:

Looking for Innovative RSS Ideas?
Learn how these companies are using RSS as part of their marketing strategies. We have compiled a number of white papers that detail how RSS is being used

New RSS Portals
Educational Feeds -

New LOGO Templates
Added to RSS2HTML Template Directory The RSS2HTML template directory is growing. A $ 29.95 subscription to the directory grants users unlimited access to all the templates contained in the directory for a lifetime!

RSS Articles
What RSS Is Not; RSS Does Not Equal Email
RSS is not email, nor is it designed to be a replacement for email. RSS is a supplemental communication channel that can be used to deliver content. Email newsletters have had an increasing problem with spam. Email open rates have plummeted, filtering systems have become increasingly complex and with the complexity and volume even "approved" messages have been unable to get through.

How to Get Ideas for RSS Feed and Blog Posts
Not surprisingly, ideas for blog posts or RSS feed items originate or are influenced by other web content. The following are venues for finding your online muse:

Podcasting Quiz
How much do you know about podcasting? Take the podcast quiz and test your knowledge.

Why Niche RSS Feeds Matter?
Just as the second generation of search engines and directories evolved into niche topic specific portals we are seeing the same occur in the area of RSS feed directories and search engines. While some directories are admittedly more niche than others the trend is obvious.


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