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08/28/2006 NEW FeedForAll v2 Beta Release
A new version of FeedForAll beta has been released. This new (long awaited version) incorporates a number of new features that were requested by FeedForAll users.

This beta release has invloved a huge amount of behind-the-scenes changes/updates/enhancements that will allow us to add several handy new features and enhancements in the near future.

The highlights of the new version includes:

A new feed validation feature, so your feed can be validated in real time.
Added a preview capability with optional templates so you can view an items content as it would appear in a reader or on a website.
Integrated namespace support, simply follow the fields to add iTunes and other popular namespaces.
Integrated support for CSS stylesheets
Improved WYSWIG HTML editor.
Hot key macros for common editing features.
Ability to auto-generated Item GUIDs
Auto detect mime types, simply enter the file in the enclosure field and FeedForAll determines the appropriate file type
Improved wizards for beginners!

Check out the FeedForAll Beta or download now!

As always, we greatly appreciate any and all feedback from our beta testers, so don't be shy.

08/22/2006 RSS2HTML Updated and RSSmesh Updated
New releases of RSS2HTML and RSSmesh have been released.

RSS2HTML - The new version includes the ability to restrict the use of the rss2html.php script. This has been done for security reasons. RSS2HTML is a free PHP script that converts RSS feeds to HTML web pages.

RSSmesh - An updated version of RSSmesh is available, RSSmesh is a PHP script that allows for multiple RSS feeds to be merged into a single RSS feed. RSSmesh is part of the scripts directory and is free to all FeedForAll or FeedForAll Mac users.

08/21/2006 Mime Type List
Mime type lists. We frequently receive questions related to the proper format for mime types, when creating  podcasts or feeds with enclosures. To make it easy we posted this MIME type list that can be used as a reference for proper formatting.

08/17/2006 Social Bookmark Icons
Large collection of social bookmarking icons. Grab popular social bookmarking icons and add them to your web page or blog.

08/17/2006 Latest RSS News
Read the latest news from FeedForAll. Learn about new releases and products.

08/15/2006 New Medical Feeds Directory
FeedForAll has sponsored a new medical feeds directory.

As demand for RSS feeds grow, medical feeds continue to be one of the more popular content themes. In order to accommodate this demand, a new medical and health feed website directory has been created. As the demand for the medium increases, topical directories are the next step in helping searchers to connect with the medical information they are looking for.

As RSS becomes more mainstream, finding specific medical feeds is becoming increasingly more difficult. A recent search for medical feeds in a popular search engine produced over one hundred and eighty million results. Narrowing the search to just diabetes feeds still came up with almost twenty million hits. Navigating through so many websites to find actual medical feeds is not only time consuming but also difficult. This is the reason that the medical feeds directory was created, to simplify the search process and connect users with medical and health feeds of interest.

The website is dedicated to only medical and health feeds, making it easy to find RSS feeds on almost medical condition or disease. Users can search or use topic headings to locate the medical information that they are looking for. Hard to find items for obscure or unusual medical conditions are also available. The directory is a dynamic website that is constantly updating with the newest feed items. Allowing medical institutions s to add their feeds to the directory as they become available.

The directory can be found at

08/09/2006 Bloglines Access Namespace
Bloglines Access Namespace has been added to the namespace directory.

08/08/2006 New RSS2HTML Template Directory Launched
A new rss2html template directory has been announced by Notepage, Inc. It is hoped that the rss2html template directory will help webmasters control the appearance of the webpages that result when they use the free rss2html PHP script.

The rss2html.php script converts RSS feeds to HTML. The rss2html templates are web templates that assists publishers in the layout of the resulting HTML when the feed is converted, so that they are assured a webpage that is graphically pleasing.

The rss2html template directory has more than 400 templates with various colors and layouts. The templates can accommodate RSS feeds with pictures, text, audio, and video files. New templates will be added to the directory on a regular basis.

The templates can accommodate RSS feeds that contain images, text, audio and video files. Users can purchase access to the rss2html template directory for a one time fee of $ 29.95. This subscription will allow for unlimited template usage.

RSS2HTML Template Directory

08/07/2006 New Videocasting Directory
New searchable categorized directory of videocasts. The Videocasting Station directory contains hundreds of videocasts, vlogs, and video podcasts that are grouped by category. The directory is also searchable using keywords. If you have a videocast be sure to submit it!

08/01/2006 RSS Tutorials
Checkout a new set of RSS tutorials to assist users with some of the more advanced features in FeedForAll Mac. The  series tutorials is designed for users to create feeds and podcasts with FeedForAll Mac. The first episode is a tutorial on how to create a podcast using FeedForAll Mac's Feed Creation Wizard.

Or you can grab the Podcast Feed


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