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FeedForAll Mac Beta

2/15/2006 - A new beta version of FeedForAll Mac has been released.

FeedForAll Mac allows users to publish, make and edit RSS feeds and podcasts.

New RSS feeds, podcasts and iTunes can be quickly and easily created with FeedForAll Mac. A WYSWIG editor allows for feeds to be easily formatted ensuring that all RSS feeds created with FeedForAll Mac have a professional look.

The new beta features include the following:

• FeedForAll Mac now supports unified publishing. Publish the feed, all enclosures, images, and other files at the same time to FTP, .Mac or servers on your local network. This feature also supports publishing the feed in a variety of export formats and publishing an OPML list.

• The Yahoo® Media Extensions (Media RSS) has been added to the list of supported Extensions (XML Namespaces) when creating Feeds and Podcasts. FeedForAll Mac supports adding metadata elements for iTunes®, Microsoft® Simple List Extensions (cf), Dublin Core (dc), Syndication (sy), and Content as well.

• Import items from other feeds. FeedForAll Mac uses a new advanced import feature allowing the user greater control over the items imported.

• FeedForAll Mac now has OPML capabilities. This includes the ability to create a simple OPML list or blogroll of the feeds that you work with in FeedForAll Mac.

• In addition to being able to specify an XSL file, now a CSS file can be specified for controlling the display of the contents of the feed.

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FeedForAll Mac System Requirements:
Operating System Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher
Hard Drive 12 Mb of free space