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January 16, 2007 - FeedForAll v2.0 is no longer in beta - please see the release version

FeedForAll v2.0 (Windows Version Beta 3) 12/4/06

This is the third and final beta release of FeedForAll v2.0 Beta 3 product. This means that the product is not yet in its final form. In particular, documentation and help screens are not complete.

The purpose of this beta release is to identify any bugs that have not been found with in-house testing and the previous beta releases.

The biggest improvement to FeedForAll in this release involve the publishing feature. This allows not only the feed file itself to be uploaded, but it also adds the ability to have the feed's image and the feed's enclosures to be automatically uploaded too.

Publishing also supports multiple stored ftp sites, that can be used with any feed.

Please visit our FeedForAll forum to ask questions, report problems, or for anything else related to FeedForAll:

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New Beta Features Include

  • Unified Publishing - FTP images and enclosures along with feed!
  • Enhanced Publishing - Flexible publishing options.
  • Limited Publishing Options - Skip the upload of items with future publish dates or limit the number of items uploaded.
  • Enhanced Feed Preview - Define separate FTP information for different feeds.
  • Built in Feed Validation - Warns you instantly of any feed issues.
  • New Integrated Namespace Support - Includes support for content namespace, dublin core (DC), syndication namespace and iTunes.
  • Enhanced Enclosure Support - auto detects mime types for enclosures.

    see the FeedForAll Beta release notes

    FeedForAll 2.0 Beta2 download location:
download feed creation software
feed creation software

FeedForAll System Requirements:
Processor Pentium III or better
Memory 32 Mb of free memory
Hard Drive 20 Mb of free space
Operating System Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista (32-bit)