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FeedForAll News & Tidbits

10/25/2004 FeedForAll and FeedDemon Partner
NotePage is pleased to announce a cooperative partnership between Bradbury software makers of the popular FeedDemon.

10/21/2004 RSS Syndication Article on SiteProNews
SiteProNews ran an article from us on Content Syndication. The article discusses the benefits of using articles and headlines on websites, as a way of generating fresh content.

10/19/2004 FeedForAll Beta 2
The second and final beta release of FeedForAll is now available for download. If all goes well, we are planning for a November release date for FeedForAll version 1.0

Please post or email any feedback you feel is important for us to know, before we go to a release version.

The new release can be downloaded from here:

Release Notes can be found in the
FeedForAll forum.

10/18/2004 Nick Bradbury's Blog
Nick Bradbury, author of FeedDemon was kind enough to blog about FeedForAll in his blog. Reminding his customers that we are offering all beta testers a discount on the final release of FeedForAll.

Nick's FeedDemon is one of my favorite desktop readers, if you are looking for a solution I highly suggest it.

10/17/2004 Step by Step Demo's
We've added some general step by step walk through directions to the website to help simplify the process of creating a feed.

10/12/2004 Danny Sullivan's blog
Danny Sullivan of the famed SearchEngine Watch mentioned FeedForAll in his blog.

Danny Sullivan's post:

"When I wrote my Making An RSS Feed article last year, I had a few people puzzled about why it was even necessary. After all, feed generation is built into many authoring tools, right? For blog tools, sure. But ordinary web servers? Not necessarily. That article explains how to make a feed by hand. But reading one of our forum threads today, I came across Nick W's mention of FeedForAll. If you have to roll your own feed, this makes it easy to do using a software interface. It can also help you modify and manage existing feeds. "


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