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11/30/2004 Advice on What NOT to do with RSS Ads
Nick Bradbury from FeedDemon recently posted some great advice about what not to do when inserting advertising into RSS Feeds.

The following is an excerpt from Nick's Blog Post -

If you're planning to insert ads into your feeds and don't want to see your readers unsubscribe in droves, please consider this list of DO NOTs when planning your implementation:

Do NOT insert an ad every time the user updates your feed. I've seen some feeds whose actual posts are several days apart, yet they insert an ad every time the feed is downloaded - resulting in far more ads than content. If you're going to insert an ad, only do so when you have new content as well.
Do NOT change the GUID, pubDate or link of an ad just to get it to appear as new in an RSS reader such as FeedDemon. Resorting to tricks to get additional ad exposure will backfire in the long run.
Do NOT insert ads in feeds that contain only a summary description. If you're going to insert ads, at least let us read the full content.
Do NOT insert ads unrelated to the content of the feed. For example, putting mortgage ads in a tech feed makes you look like a spammer.

Remember, people are reading your feed because you're providing useful information. If you clutter that information with too many ads - or make ad delivery your primary focus - we'll stop reading. RSS is not email: if we don't like what you're doing, we'll unsubscribe - and chances are, we'll never come back.

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11/19/2004 In Search of RSS, Publishers and Webmasters Interested in Partnering
Consider becoming a FeedForAll partner.

FeedForAll's Partner program
is for software developers that have complimentary product lines. By becoming a partner we are able to utilize resources to co-promote partner applications. If you have a complimentary product line with ties to either RSS, publishing or web development please contact us.

Benefits to becoming an FeedForAll partner:

co-promotion opportunities
bundling opportunities
cross promotion opportunities in newsletters/blogs
publicity and press exposure
exposure on ancilliary site sponsored by NotePage
product sneak peaks
valuable leads and referrals in your area of expertise
promotion on a network of 3rd party sites

As a FeedForAll partner you will be eligible for featured promotion on the industry specific and software specific sites sponsored by NotePage that are deemed appropriate.

11/15/2004 FeedForAll and FeedScout Partner
NotePage is pleased to announce a partnership with ByteScout, makers of FeedScout. Feed Scout is a RSS/ATOM/RDF/XML reader that can be used directly from Internet Explorer.

11/11/2004 Power Point Explaining RSS
In an effort to assist individuals in understand RSS and how it works, we've created an RSS power point. RSS is becoming increasingly popular and is a hot topic and the tutorial power point explains RSS in simple terms. The power point is free to use and provides an explanation of RSS in simple terms.

11/09/2004 Do I Need an RSS Feed?
Do I Need an RSS Feed?
RSS has been around for more than 10 years but has only recently become popular. RSS provides headlines and summaries of information in a concise and standardized way. The article discusses the benefits of using an RSS feed to publishers.
Complete Article: Do I Need a Feed

11/08/2004 Dr File Finder Reviews FeedForAll
Mike Callahan also known as Dr File Finder reviewed FeedForAll. Mike has been reviewing software for

"FeedForAll, by NotePage, Inc., is one of those neat products that I get to see maybe a few times each year. It does one thing, RSS feeds, and it does everything there is to do with an RSS feed. To me, the program is very impressive with the depth that it has -- printing, exporting, image editing, FTP, and the like. This is not just an RSS feed tool, it's a complete RSS feed tool. RSS news feeds are the hot item on the Internet now. For businesses, for organizations, and for individuals. RSS feeds have been shown to increase Web traffic and they are a great way for you to do some "real simple syndication" and get your thoughts and ideas out there. I'm so impressed with FeedForAll that I'm not just making it a "Pick", but I'm also making it a Dr. File Finder Favorite and those are few and far between. So, if you're into RSS news feeds and you'd like to try your hand at doing one of your own, this is THE program to use! GIve it a try for yourself, it has my highest recommendation!"

11/05/2004 FeedForAll Review
Laura Childs from Stampede Secret gave FeedForAll a glowing review! It really doesn't get much better than this:

"I just LOVE it when something new happens along that makes life so much easier. FeedForAll is one such discovery! Forget about setting aside time every day or week to update your feed. Now you'll do it in minutes, on the fly, and ftp the file directly from the software to your server. Need a spell check? It's in the software. Fed up heading over to the validator with every update? Go ahead and delete the validator url from your favorites menu - this software won't let you mess up your feed code! My life just got oodles customers lives just got easier...I hope yours does as well."

11/03/2004 RSS Forum Feed
We have recently added RSS feeds to the FeedForAll forums. Simply enter the RSS url into your feed reader in order to monitor the forum threads -

11/01/2004 FeedForAll, an RSS Feed Creation Tool, Makes Content Syndication Easy for Everyone
FeedForAll, an RSS Feed Creation Tool, Makes Content Syndication Easy for Everyone

FeedForAll, a software tool designed to create, edit and publish RSS feeds, has been released by NotePage, Inc. Now, with FeedForAll, webmasters have the ability to create new RSS feeds from scratch, or modify and enhance existing RSS feeds.

RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication, an XML format for distributing news headlines on the Web. RSS has evolved into a popular means to syndicate headlines and share content on the Internet.

FeedForAll makes RSS feed creation easy. The FeedForAll wizard walks new users through the RSS feed setup process, delivering ease of use and conformance to specifications. FeedForAll automatically repairs improperly formatted feeds, guaranteeing that all feeds used with FeedForAll, conform to the RSS specification. FeedForAll can be used to create and maintain an unlimited number of RSS feeds, enabling users to flawlessly maintain and distribute multiple content streams.

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