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12/29/2006 Educational Tutorial on RSS for Educators
Bob Brown put together a tutorial about education and RSS. Check out this great overview of RSS News Feeds for Class Information.

12/20/2006 RSS Gift Giving
Just a quick reminder. If you wish to give the gift of RSS or Podcasting this Christmas there is still time! Registration keys for FeedForAll, the RSS Scripts Directory and the RSS2HTML Template Directory are emailed within 24 hours. We can send them directly to the gift recipient or forward the electronic registration to the gift giver.

Orders can be placed up until 12/24 for 12/25 delivery! If you would like to order now but hold the registration key until 12/24 simply add a note in the comment field of the order.

Enjoy the holidays!

12/12/2006 Podcast and iTunes Tutorial for Educators
Kutztown University has put together an excellent tutorial on how educational institutions can use FeedForAll to create iTunes compatible podcasts of classes and lectures. The tutorial is designed specifically for educators and walks users through the process of creating podcast feeds.

more on Kutztowns Use of FeedForAll

12/06/2006 Holiday Themed RSS2HTML Templates
New holiday templates have been added to the RSS2HTML Template Directory.??The templates can be used in conjunction with the rss2html script to display RSS feeds as HTML in a attractive customized format.

12/05/2006 New FeedForAll Beta Release - Enhanced Publishing Options
We are very pleased to announce the third and final beta release of FeedForAll v2.0 Beta 3 product.

The biggest improvement to FeedForAll Beta involves the publishing feature. This allows not only the feed file itself to be uploaded, but it also adds the ability to have the feed's image and the feed's enclosures to be automatically uploaded too.

The following is a brief list of new beta features:

Unified Publishing - FTP images and enclosures along with feed!
Enhanced Feed Publishing - Flexible publishing options.
Limited Publishing Options - Skip the upload of items with future publish dates or limit the number of items uploaded.
Enhanced Feed Preview - Define separate FTP information for different feeds.
Built in Feed Validation - Warns you instantly of any feed issues.
New Integrated Namespace Support - Includes support for content namespace, dublin core (DC), syndication namespace and iTunes.
Enhanced Enclosure Support - auto detects mime types for enclosures.

12/04/2006 RSS Reviews
From a customers blog post:

Feed for All comes to the rescue with a simple and intuitive interface. It reads existing feeds and can create new ones. This is one of those pieces of software that creates one of those ‚?€?œa ha‚?€? moments in my life, when I realize that this is not always as complicated as it seems.

11/30/2006 Free RSS Auto Discovery Code Generator
Increase the number of RSS subscribers by adding autodiscovery code to your website. NotePage has made a free online tool that automates the creation of the auto-discovery code for RSS feeds.

The free auto-discovery tool automatically creates the code necessary for the auto-discovery of RSS feeds on a website. Simply enter the title, and the URL of the RSS feed and A code will then be generated based on the information entered. The code can then be entered in the "header" section of an HTML web page, to assist RSS readers in automatically detecting the precense of an RSS feed for that website.

Many RSS Readers can automatically discover that an RSS feed is available for a specific website and notify the website visitor if the auto-discovery code is in place. Browsers and aggregators including FireFox, Safari and IE 7 are just a few applications that will take advanteage of the precense of RSS auto-discovery code.

The RSS auto discovery tool can be accessed by clicking the following url


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