Quick Podcasting Primer
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RSS feeds are typically used to broadcast syndicated text content. Podcasting expands this to include all kinds of media including videos, audio files, java applets, games or just about any kind of media you can imagine to computers, cell phones or other enabled devices. Subscribers can view or listen to the content any time they want, as opposed to fixed-time syndication technologies such as television or radio.

Some uses for podcasting are:

? Audio informational content ?
? Internet 'radio' broadcasting ?
? Syndicated training videos ?
? Story telling for children ?
? Syndicated games such as crossword puzzles that change daily ?
? Sports casts ?
? Talk and Music shows ?
The term 'podcasting came from 'broadcasting to an iPod,' though its uses have greatly expanded since the term was coined. Podcasts can be played on computers, mp3 players, cell phones or any device that is enabled to receive them.

FeedForAll creates podcasts that you upload to your own server or any of a collection of existing podcast services such as iTunes. It uses the 'Enclosure' tag to identify the media file to be used for each item in a podcast. Podcasting is supported by the RSS 2.0 standard.