Text Input
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Field Description:
The Text Input settings allows a data entry box to be displayed within your feed. It can be used to collect information from the reader, or act on data they enter. Not all feed readers support this option.

Several pieces of information need to be entered to setup a Text Input box in your feed.

Title: ?
A title for the Text Input box. ?

Description: ?
A short description of what the user should enter into the Text Input box. ?

Name: ?
The variable name assigned to the input box. ?

Link: ?
The URL to a CGI program that is to receive the data from the Text Input box. The proper syntax for the URL is to use the fully specified address that includes the scheme. ?

Field Usage:
Including a Text Input with your feed is optional. However, if you enter information is any Text Input field, then you must enter proper information into all the Text Input fields. ?

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