The Main Screen
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Most of FeedForAll's capabilities are accessible from its main screen.


There are six major sections to the main screen:

Main Menu
Along the top edge of the FeedForAll screen is the main menu. Features that aren't accessible from the button bars can be accessed using the menus.

Directly under the main menu are three tabs that represent the three major parts of an RSS feed.

On the 'Feeds' tab you switch between feeds you have created, and edit general properties of your feeds.

Add and edit items (news articles) that belong to the current feed on the 'Items' tab.

Add an image to your RSS feed, or edit its existing image on the 'Images' tab

Button Bar
Each tab has a button bar. These button bars contain the most commonly used functions used for each tab. For example, when the 'Feeds' tab is active, its button bar contains buttons for creating new feeds, opening existing feeds, and saving feeds.

List Box
The 'Feeds' and 'Items' tabs have a listbox on the left hand side.

Use the list box on the 'Feeds' tab to switch between your feeds by clicking on the feed you want to edit.

On the 'Items' tab the list contains all items belonging to the current feed. Switch between them by clicking the item you want to work on.

An image display window replaces the list box in the 'Images' tab.

Data Entry Area
The right hand side of each tab is occupied by data entry fields. This is where you can enter the information that you want in your RSS feed. There are two or more tabs along the top edge of the data entry area. These tabs give you access to additional data entry fields, that belong to the feed.

Status Bar
The status bar at the bottom of the FeedForAll screen shows (from left to right):

? a 'feed modified' indicator ?
? a insert/overwrite edit state indicator ?
? a 'current feed' text box ?
? a 'current time' text box. ?

An image of a disk will appear in the 'feed modified' indicator area if changes to the current feed have been made, since the last time it was saved.

The 'current feed' text box shows the full name of the feed that is currently being worked on (including its path).

The insert/overwrite (ins/ovr) indicator shows how the edit boxes will respond to new text that is typed in.

The 'current time' text box simply shows the current date and time.