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? If you have several feeds with the same name, but are kept in different folders, it may be easier to tell them apart in the Feeds list box if you set FeedForAll to display the full path along with the file name there. This option is found under the 'Display' tab on the Preferences screen. ?

? Power users who prefer speed over looks may turn off FeedForAll's skin feature. It isn't pretty, but is fast. This option can be found under the 'Display' tab on the Preferences screen. ?

? If you enjoy a customized interface, registering FeedForAll adds over 50 additional skins available for you to download and install. ?

? Don't use English in your feeds? There are two things you should know that can help. First, additional spell checking dictionaries are available for download from our Web site. Second, in the WYSIWYG HTML Description Editor, there is an option to insert symbols into the text. These aren't as much symbols, as they are additional characters that can be inserted (i.e. accented characters) ?

Keyboard Shortcuts:
Create a new Feed or Item
(depending on which tab is active)

Delete current Feed or Item
(depending on which tab is active)

Save current Feed

Upload current Feed


Find & Find/Replace dialog


Mouse Shortcuts:
WYSIWYG Description HTML Editor
Double-click in the description field
Field Edit Menu

Right-click on any field

Variable Menus:
Some fields that you right-click in will have different options in their right-click menus. For example, on the Image tab the 'Title' field typically will be set to the same text as the 'Title' field on the 'Feed' tab. If you right-click in the Image's Title field, you will see the option 'Paste from Feed Title'.