Using the Source Viewer
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There are times when you may want to view or edit the actual XML source that makes up your RSS feed. For example, if you try to open an existing RSS feed that is so badly formatted that FeedForAll can't automatically repair it, you are given the option of manually fixing the problem in the Source Viewer window.

Access the source viewer by clicking on the 'View Source XML' button in the button bar, or by choosing 'Source' from the 'View' menu.

The RSS XML Source window has two tabs:

The 'Source' tab shows the current feed's XML code in its current form. This is what will be saved or uploaded.

The 'Source' view is colorized and formatted to make it easier to read. This formatting is not saved as part of the XML file. If you would prefer to view the XML source in a plain text version, choose 'Plain' from the 'View' menu. If you make manual changes to the XML code, Choose 'Reformat' from the 'View' menu to make it easier to read.

The 'Original' tab shows a copy of the XML source exactly as it was read into FeedForAll. This view does not contain any of your changes, or any repairs that FeedForAll may have made.

If you have made changes to the XML source code, but decide not to keep your changes, reload the unchanged XML source code by clicking on the 'Reload Source' button in the button bar, or by choosing 'Reload' from the 'File' menu, or simply close the Source Viewer without saving your changes.

To save your changes to the feed's XML source code and return to the main screen, click the 'Save and Close' button in the button bar, or choose 'Save' from the 'File' menu.

You can also print your feed's XML source code by choosing 'Print' from the Source Viewer's 'File' menu.