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FeedForAll v2.0

iTunes support
Full support for the latest iTunes podcast specification ?

Extension (namespace) support
Full support for iTunes, content, dublin core, and syndication extensions (namespaces) ?
Generic support for all additional extensions (namespaces) ?
Support for custom user defined extensions (namespaces) ?

Language support
Full Unicode support allowing any language's character set to be used in feeds ?
UTF-8 support in feeds for all character sets ?
In program settable font support ?

Automatically validates feeds on open, download, save, and upload ?
Validation log shows errors, warnings, and automatic repairs ?
Option to run validation manually ?

Improved wysiwyg editor
All fields that allow HTML code can now be used with the WYSIWYG HTML editor ?
Live spell checking ?
Full support for HTML links ?
Full support for HTML images (including images as links) ?

Support for multiple destination FTP servers ?
Automatic image upload option ?
Automatic enclosure upload option ?
Option to limit number of items uploaded ?
Option to upload only current items (no future pubdates) ?

Feed creation wizard
Walks users through the creation of a standard RSS feed, podcast, or iTunes podcast ?
Easiest way to start a new feed ?
Automatically lead into the item creation wizard ?

Item creation wizard
Walks user through the creation of new feed items ?
Automatically prompts with fields for the type of feed being added to (i.e. podcast) ?
Can create multiple new items in single session ?

Allows feed to be viewed in a format more typical for subscribers ?
Multiple template support (for different viewing formats) ?
Printer support ?

Supports both XSL and CSS stylesheet definitions ?