Where to Get Help
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Several resources are available to help you use FeedForAll.

Web site - Our Web site (www.feedforall.com) contains a wealth of information about the FeedForAll product. It is a good place to start when looking for information about FeedForAll or RSS feeds. Other RSS specific Web sites can also be a big help (i.e. www.rss-faq.com

- The FeedForAll manual can be obtained in several formats. The manual included in the product download is in a standard Windows help file format. There is an online version of the manual available in the support section of our Web site. At the same location you will find several downloadable versions of the manual including: pdf, winhelp, and htmlhelp.

Tech Support - The best place to get technical support for FeedForAll is in our tech support forum (www.feedforall.com/forum
). You can also send technical support issues to our support email address().

RSS Informational Resources - If you are new to RSS, or want to learn more about advanced RSS topics, then an excellent resource is our Educational Article Archive found at: http://www.feedforall.com/newsletter.htm
. If you have questions about RSS, then this is the place to look.