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Dublin Core

Extension: Dublin Core Metadata Initiative : DCMI

Extension Name: dc

Purpose: The Dublin Core namespace allows for meta data to be associated with content.

The name space for Dublin Core is defined at">

Elements: The elements contained in the Dublin Core namespace can be at the , or level. Any combination of dublin core tags may be used.

The individual(s) or companies responsible for contributing content to the resource

The extent of the content contained in the resource.

The primary individual responsible for the content of the resource.

The date associated with an event or item contained in the resource.

The summary of the content.

The physical description of the content.

Language the content appears in (use RFC 3066).

Text to identify content.

The individual or company responsible for providing the content.

A reference to a related resource.

Information about rights held in and over the resource.

A reference to the content from which the content is derived.

The topic of the contents contained.

Title by which the resource is known.

The genre of the content for the resource.

Summary of the content in the resource.

Permissions related to who can access the resource and its security status.

How items are added to the resource.

How often items are added to the resource.

Guidelines governing the addition of items to the resource.

Alternative title.

Information related to the audience that the resource is designed for.

Date that the resource will or is available.

A bibliographic reference related to the resource.

Standards by which the content in the resource conforms.

Date of initial creation.

Date resource is accepted.

Copyright statement date.

Date resource is submitted.

Targeted audience education level.

The size and duration of the resource.

The resource that preexisted reference resource.

The resource from which a portion is referenced.

The described resource version information.

The process through which the resource is designed to instruct.

The described resource format presented in another format.

The described resource is part of another referenced resource.

The described resource is cited or pointed to by other resources.

The resources content has been replaced with

The content is required by a referenced resource.

Date resource is issued.

The resource is an adaptation of a previous work or resource.

The permissions associated with a given resource.

The group or entity responsible for mediating the content in the resource.

The carrier of the resource.

Date on which the resource was changed.

The details related to an ownership change.

The references that the resource is based on.

The described resource replaces the referenced resource.

The described requires the referenced resource.

The entity owning the rights of the resource.

Spatial characteristics of the content in the resource.

Directory of content in the resource.

Temporal characteristics of the content in the resource.

Date(s) through which the resource is valid.

The DCMI Box identifies a region of space using its geographic limits.

List of types used to categorize the content.

Dewey decimal classification.

Internet media type.

Country codes as per ISO 3166.

Codes for language representation as per ISO 639-2

Library of Congress Classification.

Library of Congress Subject Headings.

Medical Subject Headings

National Library of Medicine Classification.

Specification of the limits of a time interval.

DCMI point.

Internet RFC 1766 (ISO 639 two letter code combined with ISO 3166 country code)

Internet RFC 3066

The Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names.

Universal Decimal Classification.

Uniform Resource Identifier.

W3C Encoding rules for date and time.

[ additional details ]

(see the namespace declaration link above for additionally supported variations)


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