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02/20/2006 Make Money from RSS Feeds
Publishers are evaluating options and determining how they can profit from RSS feeds. The two obvious contenders that publishers are considering to profit from their RSS feeds are: subscription RSS feeds and RSS feed advertisements.

Monetizing RSS Feeds

02/15/2006 FeedForAll Mac v2 Beta Released
A new beta version of FeedForAll Mac has been released. The new beta FeedForAll Mac version incorporates a number of requested features including:

FeedForAll Mac now supports unified publishing. Publish the feed,  all enclosures, images, and other files at the same time to FTP, .Mac  or servers on your local network. This feature also supports  publishing the feed in a variety of export formats and publishing an  OPML list.

The Yahoo® Media Extensions (Media RSS) has been added to the list  of supported Extensions (XML Namespaces) when creating Feeds and  Podcasts. FeedForAll Mac supports adding metadata elements for  
iTunes®, Microsoft® Simple List Extensions (cf), Dublin Core (dc),  Syndication (sy), and Content as well.

Import items from other feeds. FeedForAll Mac uses a new advanced  import feature allowing the user greater control over the items  imported.

FeedForAll Mac now has OPML capabilities. This includes the ability  to create a simple OPML list or blogroll of the feeds that you work  with in FeedForAll Mac.

In addition to being able to specify an XSL file, now a CSS file  can be specified for controlling the display of the contents of the  feed.

Checkout FeedForAll Mac Beta

02/13/2006 MacFiles Selects FeedForAll Mac
MacFiles selects FeedForAll Mac as Editors Choice! There customers seem to agree. take a look at the comments:

"I wish I could give 10 points for support! The programmer was extremely helpful in addressing my concerns. I reported a bug, and received a bug fix within hours! What more could you ask for?"

02/06/2006 Realtors Use RSS to Sell Homes
Daily more and more realtors are turning to RSS as a tool to market homes for sale. The growing RSS phenomenon in the realty market makes perfect sense. Unlike email RSS feeds have a 100% delivery rate. In addition the costs involved in creating and managing an RSS feed are insignificant when compared to the print advertising Realtors spend on each week. Imagine the amount spent each week to promote various properties in circulars and weekly newspapers, compared to the costs associated with updating and managing an RSS feed.

Realtors Employ RSS to Sell Homes

02/01/2006 Help with RSS!
Just a reminder on the FeedForAll website we have a series of educational articles to help users who are trying to learn. Articles include:

Steps to Creating and Promoting Feeds - It seems like all Internet businesses now have RSS feeds available; at least your competitors do. You have finally made the decision that you have to have one. Where do you start?

Displaying RSS Feeds - Content contained in RSS feeds can be added to websites a number of different ways. Each method for displaying the RSS feed has pros and cons associated with it. Webmasters will need to determine which option will best meet their hosting and technology needs.

Ego Searches & RSS - Ego searches are free and simple searches designed to monitor blogs and news portals for mentions of your company, product, competitors or other specific keywords.

Copyright Debate - RSS is commonly defined as really simple syndication. So, this means that any material contained in a feed is available for syndication, right?

Check out the full article directory for additional articles (on the bottom)

01/25/2006 Cache RSS Feeds to Save Bandwidth
FeedForAll is pleased to announce the release of rss2html Cache. This new module allows users of the rss2html.php script the ability to have their source RSS feeds cached, significantly speeding up the web page display time.

The new rss2html Cache module will expedite the retrieval and conversion of RSS feeds into html web pages.

Once the feed is cached it will be read from the local hard drive for a specified amount of time. After the specified time has lapsed, the RSS feed will be fetched again. This allows the contents of the RSS feed being displayed to remain current, while expediting the whole process.

The new rss2html cache module will be made available free of charge to all registered users of FeedForAll or FeedForAll Mac.

01/18/2006 FeedForAll Beta Reminder
There is a beta version of FeedForAll v2 available for download and trial. The new version supports namespace extensions and includes numerous WYSWIG editor enhancements.

Current version 1 registration keys will work in the beta!

01/17/2006 Additional Namespace Extensions
We've added a number of namespace extensions to the namespace directory. The additional namespaces include:

Content - The purpose of the Content namespace is to include the actual content of websites in multiple formats.

Syndication - The Syndication namespace is designed to give RSS feed readers and aggregators hints as to how often a feed is typically updated.

Dublin Core - The Dublin Core namespace is used to identify meta data associated with contents of a feed.

Google Base - The Google Base namespace allows for attributes to be added to the RSS feed and can contain additional information related to the content. Feeds using the Google Base namespace allow for bulk uploads to Google Base and Google extracts to appropriate information.

01/10/2006 The Latest News from FeedForAll
Checkout the latest newsletter from FeedForAll. The newsletter includes information on product releases and articles related to RSS marketing.

01/09/2006 FutureRSS is Launched for Prepublishing RSS Feeds
FeedForAll is pleased to announce the release of FutureRSS. FutureRSS will be made freely available to all registered users of FeedForAll and FeedForAll Mac.

The future-rss.php script is used to automatically delay the publication of Items in an RSS feed. This allows Items in a RSS feed to be created ahead of time, and then slowly released over a period of time. Many people have tried to set the PubDate field on their RSS feed Items to a future date and time, in an attempt to have that particular item become 'visible' to their feed's subscribers on that particular date and time. Unfortunately, they will soon find out that many RSS readers and aggregators don't honor future PubDates, and immediately show all their feed's items. The future-rss.php script 'hides' the future items from RSS feed readers and aggregators, until their PubDate becomes current.

How it Works:
Point the future-rss.php script to your RSS feed's location (either using a local path, or an URL), and then use the URL of the future-rss.php script as your feed's address (the link you make available to your users).

Additional information and download for FutureRSS

01/03/2006 New Namespace Directory
One of the benefits to RSS is its extendability. In an effort to make it easier for users to track the various namespaces we have compiled a Namespace Directory that details each of the tags and Namespace properties.

Read more about the the Namespace Directory.

01/01/2006 New Years - Great Time to Trim Feeds
All year you have been adding to a growing feed. New Years is a great time to trim old content or archive blog feed posts. Pruning feeds will help make sure they load quickly.

12/27/2005 RSS Support
Just a reminder about the online RSS Support section on the FeedForAll website. The support section is to help anyone using RSS not just those using FeedForAll. The section features:

RSS Forums  - Discuss features, problems, or anything else related to FeedForAll, rss2html, RSS or Podcasting

Tutorials - tutorials for creating a podcast and for creating an iTune compatible podcast.

Step by Step Demos - That walk users through various software features.

Custom RSS Button Creator - Create RSS Graphics and Buttons in seconds, for your website FREE of charge!

An RSS Power Point - available to show to user groups.

Documentation - documentation for the various RSS applications.

12/14/2005 Integrated Support for Microsoft List Extensions in FeedForAll Mac
The newest release of FeedForAll Mac includes integrated  wizard support for many popular namespaces, including Microsoft Simple List Extensions, iTunes, and Dublin Core. Rudimentary namespace support is available for all other RSS 2.0 extensions.

The latest version of FeedForAll Mac can be downloaded. The version 1.6 upgrade is free to existing users.

FeedForAll's beta  (the windows version) currently includes rudimentary support for namespace extensions but will have integrated support, like that found in FeedForAll Mac in the next release.

12/06/2005 Closer Look at RSS Field Properties
So what is really suppose to go in all those optional RSS feed tags? The following page details the various tags used in the RSS 2.0 specicification.

Understanding the fields will assist in RSS feed creation.


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