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FeedForAll's latest release includes unified publishing and namespace support (including iTunes). This means that you can FTP enclosure files along with your RSS feed. This also means you can easily create iTunes compatible podcasts!

FeedForAll Release Notes
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Summary: FeedForAll is desktop software for creating, editing and publishing RSS feeds and podcasts.

Brief What is New:

iTunes Support
Integrated support for the latest iTunes specification.
Namespace Support Full namespace support for iTunes, content, dublin core and syndication extensions. Generic support for all additional extensions Support for custom user defined extensions (namespaces).
Language Support Full unicode support, allows any languages character set to be used in the RSS feeds. Also UTF-8 support in feeds for all character sets. In program settable font support
Validation Automatically validates feeds on open, download, save, and upload. Validation logs show errors, warnings and automatic repairs. Option to run validation check manually.
Improved WYSWIG Editor All fields that allow HTML code can now be used with the WYSWIG HTML editor. Built in live spell checking. Full support for HTML links. Full support for HTML images, including image links.
Publishing Support for multiple destination FTP servers. Automatic image upload option. Automatic enclosure upload option. Option to limit the number of items uploaded. Option to upload only current items (no future pubdates).
Feed Creation Wizard Walks users through the creation of a standard RSS feed, podcast or iTunes podcast. Easiest way to start a new RSS feed. Automatically leads into feed creation wizard.
Item Creation Wizard Walks users through the creation of new feed items. Automatically prompts users with fields for the type of feed being added (i.e. podcast). Can create multiple new items in a single session.
Preview Allows feed to be viewed in a format typical for subscribers. Multiple template support for different viewing formats. Preview now includes printer support.
Stylesheets Supports both XSL and CSS stylesheet definitions.

Download: Download FeedForAll

Upgrade Cost & Directions: FeedForAll is free for existing registered users. FeedForAll v2.0 can be installed over any existing version of FeedForAll. All settings and data will be retained.

Purchase Price: FeedForAll is $ 39.95 for an electronic registration key or $ 49.95 on CD (that includes shipping fees). Additionally registered users are given free access to all the RSS scripts in the RSS Scripts Directory.

Purchase: Purchase FeedForAll

System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista (32-bit)
Processor: Pentium III or faster
Free Memory: 32 Mb
Free Disk Space: 20 Mb

Support: General RSS and FeedForAll program support

Tutorials: New iTunes Tutorial for FeedForAll v2

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