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January 2014


Welcome to FeedForAll News.
Welcome to latest news from FeedForAll.

Great Ideas for Blog Posts
Blogs have increased in popularity because they provide a steady stream of new and unique content. The only issue presented by this quality of blogs is that it may become difficult for those who run blogs to think of interesting and novel posts.

Did you Know That You Can Tie an RSS Feed into PageGate?
Using our RSS2SQL PHP script, you can have your RSS Feed write information to an SQL database. You can then use linked tables to tie that SQL database to PageGate's database.

How to Protect Digital Content
Just like writers, photographers, and other creative artists have learned, protecting content is one of the primary struggles that webmasters face on a daily basis. It takes time and talent to develop quality content, and there are few things more frustrating than to discover that your content has been poached by another website.

There are a number of actions that webmasters can take to proactively protect their work from being used without authorization by people on the web who are simply looking to cut corners. Take the following steps to proactively guard your content...

100 Uses for RSS Feeds

Many equate RSS with blogs and little else. However, we have found that RSS is multi-faceted and has a scope far beyond blogs. Take a look at these 100 ways that RSS is being used in real world situations:


Need a Laugh?
Checkout our Cartoons with Techie Humor -

Working From Home

Developments in technology have made it possible, if not easy, for small businesses and employees to telecommute. Working from home can be quite a different experience from an office job, and many find it a preferable one. However, those who work from home may also face some of the intrinsic downsides of telecommuting. To sort out the good and the bad of telecommuting, we have compiled a list of the major pros and cons that those who work from home might experience.

Develop Content Worth Linking To

All webmasters have heard the adage, "content is king". However, the struggle to discern what types of content to develop is one that webmasters have yet to conquer. If you are familiar with this dilemma, you should know that Google's latest algorithm changes cause Google to assess how visitors interact with a website. This data from a visitor's experience is now used in organic search ranking. Therefore, you must create content that visitors will not only click on, but that they will spend time reading and even return to. For content development success, develop content not only worth linking to, but worth spending time on!

RSS Education Center
Great information for learning how to utilize RSS feeds and podcasts to benefit your business.

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RSS Education Center
Great information for learning how to utilize RSS feeds and podcasts to benefit your business.

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