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August 2005


Welcome to the latest news from FeedForAll !

FeedForAll Walks Away With Top Honors
FeedForAll, took home top honors at the recent 2005 Shareware Industry Awards ceremony, by receiving the award for the Best Internet Communication Tool. The Shareware Industry Awards are the "Oscars" of the software industry, recognizing outstanding software programs sold utilizing a marketing method that allows users to try software before making a purchase decision.

FeedForAll Mac Release!
The FeedForAll Mac is now available. With FeedForAll Mac, webmasters have the ability to create new RSS feeds from scratch. Publishers can also modify and enhance existing RSS feeds or podcasts. FeedForAll Mac has a built-in wizard that makes creating and maintaining RSS feeds easy. The software is designed to walk new users through the RSS feed setup process, delivering ease of use and conformance to specifications. Existing feeds that are improperly formatted can easily be repaired with FeedForAll Mac, ensuring that all feeds used with FeedForAll Mac, conform to the RSS specification.

rss2html.php Released!
A new version of the free rss2html.php script has been made available. The new script that displays RSS feeds as html, can optionally use curl instead of fopen. The new version scripting change addresses security concerns that some web hosting providers had expressed. Details on rss2html.php v2.0 can be found at:


RSS Industry News
To read the latest industry news be sure to follow the RSS Specifications blog.
More Industry News - or grab the feed from


New Partnership
NotePage is pleased to announce a number of new relationships. Over the past month we have formalized relationships with the following vendors with complimentary applications:


Thornsoft's ClipMate
ClipMate saves time and makes you more productive. Use ClipMate to quickly append or add items to your feed or blog. Perfect for companies who paste their newsletter or updates into FeedForAll on a regular basis.

Podcasting Partners

Acoustica's MixCraft
Acoustica MixCraft allows users to record their own songs or do some creative audio editing. This multi-purpose audio recording software is easy enough to jump into and powerful enough to make your own musical podcasts!

SwitchPod is a free solution for hosting your podcasts. When you create an account with SwitchPod you get your very own folder on our servers to store as much content as you would like. You can then upload all your podcasts. Podcasts can be in various audio formats. With SwitchPod you also receive unmetered bandwidth.

NextUp's TextAloud
TextAloud is a great tool for podcasting, simply paste in the text and a voice will read the text, save the file as an MP3 and create a podcast! Great for offering podcasts as articles.


RSS Podcast Produced with TextAloud and FeedForAll

The following RSS Feed Podcast uses synthesized voices and was produced using FeedForAll and Text Aloud


New Article

The Future of RSS is Not Blogs
Blogs vaulted RSS into the limelight but are unlikely to be the force that sustains RSS as a communication medium. The biggest opportunities for RSS are not in the blogosphere but as a corporate communication channel.

Promote A Blog
Well, you've joined the others and have created a blog. It is time to tell the world about your online journal.

We'd like to thank you for your continued support. It is through customer support and your suggestions that we've been able to continually improve the NotePage product line.

Thank you for your continued support!

FeedForAll team