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October 2005


Welcome to the latest news from FeedForAll!

October is the month of beta testing. Beta testers help provide feedback and shape the direction of the application by providing suggestions for enhancements and usability. Beta testers also let us know if they encounter any errors in normal program use. A beta version means that the product is stable, but does not yet contain all the features planned for the final release, nor does it contain all the documentation. The purpose of the beta version is to get feedback from users about the way the product works (general look and feel), and to get feedback concerning the features that are included (or should be included) in a final release.

FeedForAll Beta Release!
The first beta release for FeedForAll version 2.0, is now available. This beta release consists of some major work behind the scenes, making FeedForAll Unicode, UTF-8, and RSS Namespace compatible. What this means in non-geek speak, is that FeedForAll 2.0 can be used to maintain RSS feeds in any language. It also now supports all RSS 2.0 namesspace extensions, like iTunes.

FeedForAll Mac Beta Release!
We are pleased to announce the second beta release of FeedForAll Mac. The following new features in the FeedForAll Mac beta release:
* Extensions (XML Namespaces) have been completely redone and iTunes® is now fully supported;
* Capabilities to allow browsing directories and files on the remote FTP server in FTP upload;
* The WYSIWYG window has been slightly modified, as well as adding format alignment features

FeedForDev Beta Release
We are pleased to announce the FeedForDev Beta. FeedForDev VCL Control and ActiveX components are for developers and make it easy for software developers to communicate with users from within their software application.

A new version of the free rss2html.php script has been made available. The new script that displays RSS feeds as html, can optionally use curl instead of fopen. The new version's scripting change addresses security concerns that some web hosting providers had expressed. Details on rss2html.php v2.7 can be found at:

New Article(s)
Ego Searches & RSS

Ego searches are free and simple searches designed to monitor blogs and news portals for mentions of your company, product, competitors or other specific keywords. Conducting ego searches not only allows you to stay informed, but also allows you to maintain a strategic advantage over competing companies.

The Copyright Debate & RSS
RSS is commonly defined as really simple syndication. So, this means that any material contained in a feed is available for syndication, right? Well no, not exactly. It means that the content contained in an RSS feed is in a format that is syndication friendly, if the copyright holder allows for syndication.

RSS Security
As RSS gains momentum, security fears loom large. As publishers are quickly finding innovative uses for RSS feeds, hackers are taking notice. The power and extendibility of RSS in its simplest form is also its achilles heel. The expansion capabilities of the RSS specification, specifically the "enclosure" field which has launched the podcasting phenomenon, is where the vulnerabilities lie. The enclosure field in itself is not the problem, in fact the majority of RSS feeds do not even use the enclosure tag. The enclosure tag is essentially used to link to file types, things like images, word documents, mp3 files, power point presentations, executables and can be thought of in similar terms to email attachments.

We'd like to thank you for your continued support. It is through customer support and your suggestions that we've been able to continually improve the NotePage product line.
Thank you for your continued support!
FeedForAll team