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Topic: FTP Upload Fails

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PostForum: Beta Releases (FFA Win)   Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 2:30 pm   Subject: FTP Upload Fails
OK... I'm a turkey, although I can't figure out why yet.

I have now installed FFS B 3 on a freshly-imaged computer, where it works like a champ! That is, with a copy of the same file, and on the same server.

So, there is some configuration problem with the machine I was working with that prevents FFA from working right. I apologize for the bogus report.

I will go back and use Ethereal to capture the packets on the failing computer and discover what it's doing. From there, I can probably figure out how to fix whatever is broken. If I find anything interesting, e.g. something that I believe should cause FFA to emit an error message, I'll post again. Otherwise, thanks very much for the help.
Topic: FTP Upload Fails

Replies: 5
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PostForum: Beta Releases (FFA Win)   Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2007 9:08 am   Subject: FTP Upload Fails (Now in "Port" Mode)
That was easy enough. Sadly, it didn't fix the problem. The FTP log looks the same:
1/3/2007 9:04:25 AM Username: ehphos
1/3/2007 9:04:25 AM Mode: Port
1/3/2007 9:04:25 AM Connecting to server
1/3/2007 9:04:26 AM Logging in
1/3/2007 9:04:26 AM Default folder: /
1/3/2007 9:04:26 AM Retrieving subsubfolder list
1/3/2007 9:04:33 AM
1/3/2007 9:04:33 AM Uploading feed: news/opportunities.xml
1/3/2007 9:04:33 AM Could not upload file
1/3/2007 9:04:33 AM Disconnecting
1/3/2007 9:04:33 AM Session results:

I will try FFA on a different computer in case there's something weird about this one, but I'd surely like some other suggestions, too. Thanks!
Topic: FTP Upload Fails

Replies: 5
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PostForum: Beta Releases (FFA Win)   Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2007 12:15 pm   Subject: FTP Upload Fails
I am running a licensed copy of FFA Beta 3.

I am able to publish files to some FTP servers, but not to one hosted by Cbeyond. The FTP log is below. (I snipped out a lengthy folder list to keep this from being miserably long.

I *can* upload to this site using Contribute 4, Dreamweaver, HTMLKit, and even the Windows FTP client.

I suspect passive mode as the problem, without much evidence. Is there a way to turn it off?

1/2/2007 12:02:25 PM Publishing session started
1/2/2007 12:02:25 PM FeedForAll version
1/2/2007 12:02:25 PM 1 Feed file(s) to upload
1/2/2007 12:02:25 PM 0 Image file(s) to upload
1/2/2007 12:02:25 PM 0 Enclosure file(s) to upload
1/2/2007 12:02:25 PM Server: ehphospitalists.com
1/2/2007 12:02:25 PM Port: 21
1/2/2007 12:02:25 PM Username: ehphos
1/2/2007 12:02:25 PM Mode: Passive
1/2/2007 12:02:25 PM Connecting to server
1/2/2007 12:02:26 PM Logging in
1/2/2007 12:02:26 PM Default folder: /
1/2/2007 12:02:26 PM Retrieving subsubfolder list
1/2/2007 12:02:26 PM
1/2/2007 12:02:26 PM Changing into feed folder: /news/
1/2/2007 12:02:26 PM Retrieving subfolder list
1/2/2007 12:02:26 PM
1/2/2007 12:02:26 PM Uploading feed: news/opportunities.xml
1/2/2007 12:02:27 PM Could not upload file
1/2/2007 12:02:27 PM Disconnecting
1/2/2007 12:02:27 PM Session results:
1/2/2007 12:02:27 PM Feed file(s) uploaded: (0 of 1)
1/2/2007 12:02:27 PM Image file(s) uploaded: (0 of 0)
1/2/2007 12:02:27 PM Enclosure file(s) uploaded: (0 of 0)

Here is the same file, same site with the Windows FTP client:

C:\WINDOWS\system32>ftp ehphospitalists.com
Connected to ehphospitalists.com.
220 FTP Service
User ( ...
Topic: Reader Recommendations?

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PostForum: Program Support (FFA Mac)   Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2006 7:05 pm   Subject: Reader Recommendations?
I bought the FFA Windows version because I have a Windows PC and I know very little about Macs. I am here not for FFA help, but for client help.

I am a college teacher using FFA to provide class news to my students. You have recommended two good Windows readers in another forum here, and thanks!

Now I need a recommendation for readers for my students who use Macs. It is important that the reader be free, and I really like the three-panel presentation one gets by default in RssReader and that is an option in FeedReader.

Do you have recommendations for free and capable Mac readers, please?
Topic: Confused by Time Zones

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PostForum: Program Support (FFA Win)   Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2006 10:44 pm   Subject: Try a different reader...
Do you have recommendations?

I am a college teacher, and I want to recommend readers to students, so the reader has to be free. I really like the three-panel presentation of RssReader.

Beyond that, I am very open to suggestions.
Topic: Confused by Time Zones

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PostForum: Program Support (FFA Win)   Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2006 7:13 pm   Subject: Less Confused Now
I have downloaded RssReader Beta. If I delete and re-add my feeds in the new Beta, the dates look right. There's nothing in the RssReader release notes about date handling having been fixed. {sigh}
Topic: Launch FFA From Within Another Program

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PostForum: Feature Requests (FFA Win)   Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2006 6:47 pm   Subject: Launch FFA From Within Another Program
I am trying to help a colleague integrate FFA with Macromedia Contribute. (Contribute is a wysiwyg Web publishing program.) In this way, non-technical people can update RSS feeds from within an application they're familiar with. Contribute also provides for file locking, republishing to the server, and use of SFTP when needed.

Contribute launches FFA just fine, but one cannot see the XML file retrieved from the Web server by Contribute without some pretty painful manual manipulation.

Presumably Contribute is supplying a file path as a parameter to FFA, and, since FFA gets its feed file info from its settings file, FFA is ignoring the file path parameter.

The requested enhancement is this: If FFA is called with a file path as a parameter, show in the "feeds" panel only the feed associated with that file path, and not all feeds in the settings file. Additionally, if there is no feed associated with that path, create one in the settings file just as though the path were passed to FFA in the "feed --> open" dialog.

A neat addition would be to remove the upload and download buttons for feeds in a Macromedia Contribute directory. Such directory paths look like this: C:\Documents and Settings\bbrown\Local Settings\Application Data\Macromedia\Contribute 3\Sites\Site1\news\opportunities.xml Disabling upload and download forces publishing through Contribute, and so protects the integrity of the file locking mechanism.

Another neat addition would be to suppress showing any feeds in a Contribute directory if FFA is *not* launched through Contribute.
Topic: Confused by Time Zones

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PostForum: Program Support (FFA Win)   Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2006 3:39 pm   Subject: Confused by Time Zones
I am evaluating FeedForAll Beta2. (I like it!)

However, I am very confused by something. When I create a post, FeedForAll automagically includes timestamps in my local zone, with the correct offset. So I get things like: Sun, 15 Oct 2006 15:27:14 -0400. That is correct because I am in Eastern Daylight Time.

However, in RssReader, the time shows up as four hours earlier! That is, is shows up as 11:27:14.

If I edit the time in the XML file to be UTC, that is, Sun, 15 Oct 2006 19:27:14 +0000, it is displayed correctly as 15:27:14. But, editing the time to UTC is something of a PIB.

This appears to be a problem in RssReader, and not FeedForAll, but perhaps you know of a work-around anyway.

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