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Topic: Error massage when using rss2html

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PostForum: RSS2HTML (RSS to HTML Converter)   Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2008 10:51 am   Subject: Error massage when using rss2html
Hey. I been searching this forum, but I can not seem to find what I am looking fore. My problem is this error massage: [an error occurred while processing this directive]. Can bee seen at this url: http://myfootball.dk/new-page.shtml.

In “new-page.shtml” :

<!--#INCLUDE VIRTUAL="rss2html.php?TEMPLATE=sample_template.html&XMLFILE=test.php" -->

“sample_template.html” Is the one that comes with rss2html when you download it.

“test.php” is my rss-feed file that I have made with rssMesh. The context of “test.php” is the following:

// Enable the caching for the resulting XML file.
$useOutputCaching = 0;

// The variable $outputCacheTTL controls how many seconds a cached copy of
// resulting RSS feed can be used before it must be recreated.
$outputCacheTTL = 3600;

// $XMLTemplate is the XML file that contains the outer, , items
// for the produced feed. This MUST be a valid RSS 2.0 feed without any
// 's. It must also specify "UTF-8" encoding, since all the produced
// items will be in UTF-8.
$XMLTemplate = "rssMesh_Template.xml";

// The variable $sortOutputByPubDate controls if the items in the resulting
// feed are sorted by their pubDate's, thus merging them together.
$sortOutputByPubDate = 1;

// The variable $feedList defines the feeds that will be used to create
// a new feed with.
$feedList = Array(

// Entry #1
Array("fileURL" => "http://sporten.tv2.dk/rss/sporten.xml?forside",
"itemCount" => "4",
"feedTTL" => "3600"

// Entry #2
Array("fileURL" => "http://www.bold.dk/feed/rss.xml",
"itemCount" => "4",
"feedTTL" => "3600"
// Since we are calling rssMesh.php from here, we don't want
// to include a separate config file.
$ConfigFilename = "DO_NOT_INCLUDE_CONFIG";
if (!isset($_REQUES ...
Topic: Problem with rssMesh. Installation

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PostForum: RSSmesh (Automatic Feed Aggregator)   Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2008 1:52 pm   Subject: Problem with rssMesh. Installation
Hi all.

I have searched the forums but I can’t seem to find exactly what I needed. I hope that you would be so kind to answer my question. My problem is how to get rssMesh to work? I have downloaded the files and uploaded all the files to my web folder. The name of the folder is “feeds”. Then I type www.myfootball.dk/feeds/rssmesh.php?buildconfig URL, but then nothing happens? What am I doing wrong?

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