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Topic: Item's feed stops if encountering url

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PostForum: RSS2HTML (RSS to HTML Converter)   Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2013 1:01 pm   Subject: Item's feed stops if encountering url
I am using version 3.15 and trying to pull in a feed from Find Law. If the feed encounters a url in the description, the feed will stop and the "read more" will be replaced by the actual link in the feed and attach <a href to it. Therefore, it not only doesn't go to the rest of the article from the feed and comes to an error page when you click read more.

For example, a link in the feed description goes to an article at the LA times but is read by the parser as

Furthermore, the feed will stop if it encounters a link anywhere in the feed prior to my max characters of 200 and replace the link from the feed with the words "read more" with <a href attached to the link of the final destination url.

Anyone else noticed this on their feeds?
Is this an issue with the type of feed I am grabbing from find law? It doesn't appear to be happening on every item of the feed.

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