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Topic: How to Use RSS Feeds For Website Traffic?

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PostForum: General Podcast Questions   Posted: Fri Dec 12, 2008 1:33 am   Subject: How to Use RSS Feeds For Website Traffic?
You're going to discover now what are RSS feeds. What the heck they are and why you need to know?

An RSS feed or sometimes called Atom is nothing more than a type of webpage. A normal webpage ends with .html or .htm - those are the normal website pages. An RSS feed or atom page ends with .xml (most often either atom.xml or RSS.xml).

This type of webpage looks different than a normal webpage.

This type of webpage was created for Bloggers mainly. Bloggers you where watching a lot of favorite blogs had a problem. Basically they had to manually check everyday when their favorite blog/s has been updated.

To solve that problem RSS feeds came into existence. And with them the RSS reader. The RSS feed (note it is called feed not webpage) of your blog automatically gets updated whenever you add new posts on your blog. So basically instead of visiting your blog I can visit your RSS feed to check out if your blog is updated.

The problem for Bloggers gets solved with an RSS reader. The tool allows you to input RSS feeds of any blog (and as many feeds as you want). It will tell you when a particular feed gets updated, so you know when one of your favorite blogs got updated (without the need to manually check each one).

So RSS feeds as you can see alone with the RSS reader are a very helpful "tool" for Bloggers.

Webmasters benefit from RSS feeds as well:

Main Benefit: RSS feeds will help you get more traffic, more repeated visitors and more backlinks.

Visitors can bookmark in one or many of the social bookmarking websites your RSS feed - which gives you traffic and backlinks. You can use one of the free tools that exist to create a bookmarking tool on your blog (that easily allows others to bookmark your blog).

You can also manually submit the RSS field to various websites online. Including social sites and RSS directories.

So as you can see, if you have a blog your RSS feed is a weapon to drive more traffic and get more backlinks.

Your blog ac ...

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