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Topic: Problem about Item Description

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PostForum: RSS2HTML (RSS to HTML Converter)   Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 6:02 am   Subject: Problem about Item Description
Hello all member!

I just installed and tested your script. Fantastic...except I am having trouble getting the ItemDescription to show. The feed is coming from a Wordpress blog and if I look at the page source the ItemDescription does exist, but is commented out:

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Have a nice day.
Topic: Tips for user window 7

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PostForum: Program Support (FFA Win)   Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2015 9:07 am   Subject: Tips for user window 7
The following are tips to help you use more efficient window.

1) Make sure you have System Restore activated for your Windows 7 C: Drive.

2) If and when your FFA craters and loses your registration settings AND your personal and particular "settings" file (that you've spent months and years setting up) then,

3) Re-enter your FFA Reg. Info. MANUALLY and,

4) Restore the C:\Program Files (x86)\NotePage\FeedForAll\Settings file from your Windows System Restore. (you know, right click the file and select "properties")

This will help. Heed this advice well.
Topic: Problem about upload file

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PostForum: Program Support (FFA Win)   Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2015 9:04 am   Subject: Problem about upload file
Hello everyone!

When uploading my enclosure (mp3), the upload doesn't seem to succeed - on the FTP site, I see that a "pureftpd.4e00fccf.81.0000" file appears, after the upload, but it doesn't seem to finish the upload and rename the file.

However, the FTP log in FeedForAll believes that the enclosure's upload has succeeded.

It's an 8 MB file, and the file on the server is the same size (to the last byte) as the file on my computer, so it seems to be getting all the way to the last step, without succeeding at the file rename.

Your assistance would be much appreciated!
Topic: Problem about error 500 server

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PostForum: RSS2HTML (RSS to HTML Converter)   Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2015 8:57 am   Subject: Problem about error 500 server
Hello everyone!
After setting up two different RSS feeds, making two seperate templates, and two different php files to process and display them, both rss feeds were working like a dream for about a month. Not quite sure what changed in the server, but now the "rssfeed.php" and "rssinfo.php" are both giving 500 server errors. After diving into the php logs, this error was found every time the page is accessed.

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function FeedForAll_scripts_readFile() in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\rss2html.php on line 1175

That particular error was generated AFTER i removed all rss2html files, downloaded the package again, and unzipped them again.

Im really thinking the problem isnt with any of the scripting, or directory, but something on the server.

Im running MS Server 2008 R2 with IIS7, php 5, and have read and Execute permissions on all the necessary stuff.
I am new to the server environment and fairly new to php, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You!
Topic: Question about RSS2HTML Pro

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PostForum: RSS2HTML (RSS to HTML Converter)   Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2015 8:54 am   Subject: Question about RSS2HTML Pro
Hello everyone!

I'm appealing to readers of this forum as Tech Support seems to ignore my question.

All I want to do is get RSS2HTML Pro work like it describes on the webpage: i.e. to link to a separate page for each news item. Its the first time I've paid for some code that came with no useful instructions or examples. I just can't understand why, it almost seems deliberately awkward.

So, if anyone has got this working (I'm assuming its not that difficult if you know a little php), I have the ItemUniqueLinkWithTemplate producing the code to pull in the news item, but how do I create a page from it? Also, I found the code only worked if I changed the link from an absolute link to a relative link.

If anyone has this working, could they please point me in the direction of an example. I'd be very grateful! Otherwise, I can see having to spend time I don't have trying to learn enough php to achieve this myself :(

Please help, I need to be able to get this working...

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