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Topic: GMT Conversion Issues on Existing RSS Feed Download

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PostForum: Beta Releases (FFA Win)   Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2006 8:03 pm   Subject: GMT Conversion Issues on Existing RSS Feed Download
For numerous reasons, I am converting my current podcast RSS feeds from the Wordpress generated feeds to (I hope) FeedForAll. I am having an issue in that after importing (downloading through FeedForAll) the existing feed, the pubDates are being changed.

For example, the original RSS feed has the following date:
<pubDate>Mon, 03 Jul 2006 04:01:34 +0000</pubDate>

Once imported by FeedForAll, the XML output by FeedForAll looks like:
<pubDate>Mon, 3 Jul 2006 04:01:34 -0400</pubDate>

Note that the time is the same, EXCEPT that the original is in GMT, the converted in EST (-0400 GMT), essentially changing the pubDate by 4 hours.

I've tried modifying the dates in FeedForAll (i.e., changing "-0400" to "+0000", but when tabbing off the field, FeedForAll changes it right back.

I could edit the raw XML and do a global replace, but obviously this is less desireable as I'll need to do it every time I update the Feed with FeedForAll. Leaving it isn't an option as the change in pubDate will cause redownloads of the podcasts (not good from a bandwidth perspective).

Any thoughts on what's happening here and how I can resolve?

Other than this issue, so far I'm loving FeedForAll!


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