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Topic: Podcast monetization success stories

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PostForum: General Podcast Questions   Posted: Fri May 07, 2010 1:28 pm   Subject: Podcast monetization success stories
Would be very interesting to hear about successes of podcasters-veterans.

P.S. If you are interested I can cover your stories in my podcasts as well by having you as a guest (just need to quickly set myself up for proper production). PM me about it if want to spread the word about your accomplishments.

And if you are reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally successful with it you might be interested to appear in the show "In Bed With A Millionaire" :-) that our founder is putting together (a fiew pilot episodes can be found on Youtube).
Meanwhile for the forum, would you be generous to share your action plan on how you monetized your podcasts in first 60 days in business, and what your routine looks like now.

Thank you.
Topic: Recording problems. SOS!

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PostForum: General Podcast Questions   Posted: Fri May 07, 2010 1:09 pm   Subject: Recording problems. SOS!
Hi guys, I am just setting up everything for podcast recording (new on the production side) and having 3 days long difficulties with accomplishing result.

1) Audacity doesn't seem to record Skype conversation.
2) downloaded Pamela. This thing is strange, it records when if feels like it, in other times it doesn't get activated. Are there any settings that I can solve this problem with? Some time I record and the recording doesn't show in the list. Disaster!
3) Skype itself gives hard time as it "hangs" up after a second of connection and a note appear about slow connection (I am on Comcast) or from another computer - note about slow microphone.

Can anybody suggests cheap (with free trial) solutions when the process is actually consistent?

Thank you.

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