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Topic: Podcasts!? Need moar podcasts!!!

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PostForum: General Podcast Questions   Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2009 12:29 pm   Subject: Podcasts!? Need moar podcasts!!!
What are your favorite and/or most recomended poscasts?

When I'm puttering around the house doing stuff like cooking or laundry I like to listen to podcasts (If NPR doesn't have anything interesting to me on) but I don't have a very big selection, and I'm always looking for more...so if you have any suggestions, or just want to name your fav's, please do...I'm curious what people like to listen to...

Right now the 3 I listen to most are (too tired to link to them all):

The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe.

Slice of Scifi.

And some of the various Slate Daily podcasts, and Slate's Grand Unified Weekley (science audio-visual podcast).

I also tune in:

Stardate and Earth & Sky. (Also an NRP programs - and only a few minutes long each...)

And sometimes - when I miss them on the radio - NPR podcasts of shows like Science Friday, Weekend America, This American Life, and The Splendid Table.

And sometimes I tune is the sci-fi dramatizations on Escape Pod (reminds me of those old radio series, and I love those.) Or sometimes fan-casts like The Signal (Browncoat - Firefly/Serenity related) or like Galactica Watercooler...(no Star Trek or Doctor Who podcasts, that could probably change if I knew which were worth it out of the, doubtless, sea of different 'casts related to those shows...)

I'd love to know if anybody has any podcast recomendations for me, or I'd just like to hear what other's listen to. I like science and science-fiction related pods (of course) and also things or a skeptical or humanist or atheist bent, and quirky slice-of-life stuff, and news and politics...philosophy...and just anything...wierd or interesting...whatever ya got...

I personally probably wouldn't care for any sports-related 'casts, or anything very right-wing, or anything focuses too much on celebrity pop-culture, or fundamentialist religion, *of course*. But that's just me. But I'm open to just about anything else. (And I'm a leftie myself, and I can get Air Am ...

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