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PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 7:16 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Welcome to FeedForAll News.

Make Ringtones!
Many people do not realize, you can make ringtones from your audio recordings! Simply record and edit the audio file using RecordForAll . Then connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable and transfer the file to your phone!

Recommended Related Web Sites

Deals on Software
Software Deal of the Day is a new deal of the day discount website specifically for software! Each day a new software application is discounted and can be purchased at a signifcantly lower price. Discounts vary from 10-90% and the discount is only available for 24 hours! http://www.software-dod.com

Web Design Elements
Themed CD ROMs containing web layouts, graphics and royalty free stock photographs are now available. The Web Design Elements are perfect for a webmaster starting out. The CDs contain topical web templates, logo images and photos all of relevant topics. CDs are inexpensively priced ($59.95) and a great way for small businesses to get started with an online precense.


Avoid Duplicate Content Penalties
Representatives from the major search engines have all made it clear that they prefer search engines that contain unique content. Webmasters who want to avoid any current or future bans will do well to follow these simple guidelines in order to avoid duplicate content penalties:

Attention Getting Blog Posts
Blogs are now a dime a dozen, and bloggers need to make their blog posts stand out. Developing a blog following is not as easy as it once was. Learn how to write blog posts that attract readers and retain their attention. Follow these guidelines to cultivate readers...

Performing Better Searches
Performing and perfecting search engine results can save web surfers lots of time and energy. Understanding the nuances of searching allows researchers to immediately drill down and locate the information they are seeking, without having to wade through a myriad of irrelevant search results in the process. The increasing complexity of search engines has made understanding search engines a necessity for those who spend any amount of time online. The following search tips are standards that will work in most of the major search engines.

Choose a Domain
Choosing a domain is one of the first steps in establishing an online presence. Changing a domain after-the-fact can be time consuming, and can be harmful to search engine ranking, so it is best to get it right the first time around. Follow these simple steps to select a domain name that will represent your online brand...

The Rewards of Podcasting
Getting started with podcasting is a relatively inexpensive venture. The equipment and software required for podcasting is inexpensive for a business contemplating podcasting as a new marketing and communication adventure.

Why You Should Use Web Templates
Web templates expedite the process of setting up a new website. The idea behind a web template is that it will save time with the creative design and layout process. In the business world, time is money; hence, using templates can save money. It can be a challenge to find a web designer for hire, and quite often the designer's schedule will not always mesh with the needs of a small business. Time rarely controls a web graphic designer. Artists are, well, artistic, and don't necessarily work by the clock. Instead, they work when inspiration strikes, which can be problematic when there are deadlines to meet. Templates are ready-made, and can be easily edited, allowing you to instantly create a website.

RSS Scripts Directory On CD!
The RSS Scripts directory is now available on CD ROM. For only $ 10.00 more, customers can purchase RSS2HTML Pro, FutureRSS, RSS Mesh, RSS Cache and on a CD ROM. Customers will still be provided immediate login access to the online RSS Scripts directory, the CD ROM media will be shipped so that customers can have backup copies of all the scripts in the directory.


We are pleased to sponsor this year's Software Industry Conference. The conference will be held in Boston July 17-19th, 2008. If you are attending please let us know, we would love to meet you!

Thank you for your continued interest, suggestions and support for the FeedForAll Product line.
FeedForAll team
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 3:14 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I use Delicious feeds to add content from other sites to my sites. In short I try to make my users aware of what else is written on on other sites about particular topics, products or companies.

I do this by using Delicious notes functionality (highlighting text, then using the TAG button from delicious which then creates the bookmark with the notes -text I highlighted from the source page-) this then gets turned into RSS that I then use on some sites.

Are you telling me that I could get penalized for using (in effect promoting) the other site? If this is so wouldn't the Search engines themselves be the biggest violators of duplicate content as they have "content from other sites with their referring links? (especially sites like google news)

In short I would love to hear some views on this from other experts that use RSS content on their sites.

--PS what about news syndication organizations like AP (Associated Press) the make news articles verbatim available for other news sites / organizations
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This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics.This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.

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