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Thank you very much for taking the time to check out our first FeedForAll Technology Preview release. We all very much appreciate your time and comments. Our responses to your input follows:

Critical Fixes
1. You did not take Large System fonts into account. I can upload a screenshot of your program, but needless to say, it renders it almost unusable, as sections cover up other sections, and edit boxes stretch off the screen. I started typing in text, only to not see the text.

FFA: I am having a hard time reproducing this. I don't personally use large fonts and I am probably not setting up my system(s) correctly to properly reproduce the probem. In Win98, 2000, and XP I have tried to reproduce the problem by going into my Windows Display Properties and choosing Large and Extra Large schemes from the Appearance tab.

Any help you can give me to reproduce this would be greatly appreciated.

Would be Nice
-- Installation
* Ask the use if they want to launch the program.

FFA: Good idea. We should be able to do this.

* Don't create a desktop shortcut without asking the user first.

FFA: I agree. We will try to do this too.

-- Interface
* The color is a bit plain and too white. You should have different color schemes.

FFA: The program has been designed to be fully skinnable, and a not-too-distant release will have a large variety of skins to choose from.

-- New Items
* I thought your interface clumsy to adding a new item. I should be able to hit the enter key (or Ctrl+Enter) and automatically save the existing item and start a new item. Having to go up to the toolbar and press the new item button is awkward.

FFA: We tried, but kind of failed on this one. If the items list has focus, you can use the Insert key to add a new item. I think your idea of <ctrl><enter> is much better.

-- Save Feeds
* I would recommend that the feed title be the XML file name by default or you could add another field.

FFA: Will do. Good idea.

- Misc.
* It would be nice if you add a drop down date/time picker to select the publication date.

FFA: I think if you click on the little calendar icon next to the Pub Date, you will get what you want. Please let me know if this is not what you were looking for.

- Images
* I'm not sure how the images play into the news feed. An example would be nice.

FFA: Each RSS feed can include a link (in the URL field) to an image, that will typically be displayed above or beside the feed's contents, in most feed readers. The images can be .gif, .png, or .jpg. They are small and the recommended size is 88 X 31 (width X height). The maximum allowed size is 144 X 400. If you have a feed reader that supports images you can try opening this feed. It has an image associated with it:

* You don't have any option dialog by which a user can select RSS version compatibility.

FFA: We will look into this. We are planning to support the Atom specification in some way. I suppose we should support the older versions of the RSS specification too.

* You should have an interface that the user can see the words added to the custom dictionary and a way to add a list of words (Excel file?) to the list. Also, an item to ignore all capped words and words with numbers.

FFA: We have plans to support all of this (with the possible exception of the Excel part), but the preferences edit screens aren't complete yet. It's good to know that these are things that people will actually want and use.

1. This might sound like a stupid question, but once I have a RSS file, how do I have my "news desk" (.PHP extension) automatically display the contents (nicely formated of coruse) of this file?

FFA: I will have Sharon post or email you with more about this. I think she is a little more knowledgeable in that area.

Thank you again for your input. We will try to include most, if not all, of your suggestions into the next release.

FeedForAll Development
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