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01/31/2005 Awasu Partner
We are pleased to announce Awasu as a new FeedForAll partner.

Awasu (TM) is a free Windows news-reader that runs in the background on your computer and monitors these sites for you. When it sees that something new has appeared, it will let you know. Awasu will also keep track of what you have already read which saves you even more time since you no longer need to search through your favorite sites for new stories.

Additional Details on Awasu

01/27/2005 Free RSS2HTML Service
Last week we announced a free RSS to HTML PHP script. Realizing for some that they either may not have the technical expertise or the ability to run the script on their own system we are announcing a new service that will display RSS feeds as HTML. RSS2HTML provides users the option of running the script on their own system (using the free script) or users can select a layout and color scheme and their feeds will be displayed on

As always we are interested in feedback and comments this is a new FREE service and we are interested in hearing thoughts in our forum.

01/26/2005 Helium2 Podcasting Partner
FeedForAll is pleased to announce a partnership with Helium 2. Helium 2 allows you to seamlessly handle the different file formats and lets you work and edit music formats. Quickly tag and organize your entire music collection. This is a great tool for podcasters.

Additional Details on Helium Music Manager

01/25/2005 RSS - The Chicken and The Egg
I'm involved in a discussion in a forum regarding RSS and whether RSS is meant to distribute/syndicate content that is on a webpage or whether RSS is meant to create content that can be syndicated on a webpage.
Really is a situation with a chicken and egg and ultimately the goal is the same. The content is syndicated. The funny things is how passionate some are about what should come first... does it really matter?

01/24/2005 Podcasting Tools
A new websites for podcasters has been launched. Podcasting tools is the permier source of information related to podcasts, podcasting, and podcasters.

The site is a comprehensive podcasting resource detailing everything you need to know about Podcasting

Podcasting is the process of creating an audio show of some sort available in MP3 format via an RSS 2.0 feed that supports enclosures. Podcasts are designed to include talk shows, tutorials, music, or other audio content.

More on Podcasting Tools

01/21/2005 Yahoo! Finance - Offers Company News Feeds via RSS
Using an url generator, you can construct an url that will monitor Yahoo! Finance for news and information about specific companies.

The feeds are provided free of charge for use by individuals and non-profit organizations for personal, non-commercial uses. We ask that you provide attribution to Yahoo! Finance in connection with your use of the feeds.

Try Yahoo! Finance

01/21/2005 Podcast Alley Partner
We are pleased to announce a partnership with Podcast Alley. Podcast Alley contains information relating to podcasts and podcasting. They are striving to develop the biggest and best directory of podcasts available on the internet.

Additional Details on Podcast Alley

01/20/2005 FeedForAll Partner ByteScout Releases an ASP Script for Displaying Feeds
ByteScout has implemented a guide for displaying of RSS/XML feed using free RSS2HTML.ASP script in ASP or ASP.NET environment. This script can be used free of charge on any ASP or ASP.NET web-server and generate HTML from RSS feed.

This free ASP script uses MSXML to load RSS feed from URL and display it. You can use it standalone or call from script on HTML page to generate HTML content from RSS feed and then display on your HTML page.

If you prefer a PHP solution refer to RSS2HTML.PHP from FeedForAll

01/19/2005 Article - What is Podcasting?
What is Podcasting
Podcasting is quickly becoming a buzz word among the techie crowd. So what is podcasting, anyway? Podcasting is online audio content that is delivered via an RSS feed. Many people liken podcasting to radio on demand. However, in reality, podcasting gives far more options in terms of content and programming than radio does. In addition, with Podcasting, listeners can determine the time and the place, meaning they decide what programming they want to receive and when they want to listen to it.
Complete Article What is Podcasting?

01/18/2005 Replay Radio Partner
Replay Radio is an easy to use tool for recording streaming audio and video.

Replay Radio now you can record hundreds of radio broadcasts from all over the world, listen whenever you want on your PC, CD Player or MP3 Player, and even skip over the fluff. It's easy with Replay Radio!

Replay Radio Partner Details

01/14/2005 FeedDemon Announces new beta release
One of our partners, FeedDemon, has just announced a new beta release. FeedDemon 1.5 RC1a is now available. Before installing it, you might want to check out the release notes to find out what's new. As always, RC1a should be installed directly on top of your existing version.

If you run into any problems using the beta, please let me know by posting in the FeedDemon 1.5 Beta Forum.

01/13/2005 Free RSS to HTML PHP Script Available
A free PHP script, rss2html.php, that converts RSS feeds to HTML has been made freely available by NotePage, Inc. The rss2html.php script allows webmsters to display RSS feeds on their website.

RSS or Really Simple Syndication, as it is commonly known, is a technology that gives webmasters the ability to to easily distribute and publish syndicated content on the Internet.

Most webmasters understand the potential benefits of making RSS feeds available for viewing in a web browser. FeedForAll's new rss2html.php script allows users to create webpages that will always display the most current information from the RSS feed, and because the resulting page is pure HTML, it will be in a format friendly to search engine robots. Using rss2html.php webmasters can customize the format and look of the web page created from the feed. The RSS feed's contents can easily be integrated into an existing website's theme. The rss2html.php script parses the RSS file, extracts the pertinent information, formats it, and serves it up as regular HTML.

The rss2html.php script runs on any webserver that can run PHP scripts, and it support feeds in the RSS 2.0, .93, .92, .91, or .90 format. Additional details and a download for the free script can be found at

The new rss2html.php script is available from NotePage, Inc., makers of the popular RSS feed creation software, FeedForAll. FeedForAll's software enables webmaster to create, edit, manage and publish RSS feeds. RSS has evolved into a popular means to syndicate headlines and distribute content on the Internet. A free fully-functional 30-day trial of FeedForAll is available for download from

01/12/2005 New RSS Resource
A new RSS resource is available at RSS Syndication. The  RSS syndication site includes related RSS news, tools for syndication, content management systems, syndication software and media syndication resources.

01/11/2005 RSS Submit Partners with NotePage
k.soft has partnered with NotePage, Inc. to mutually promote and enhance RSS technology tools RSS Submit and FeedForAll.

RSS Submit is a software utility for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP which automates the process of submitting feeds to RSS search engines, publishing content, and enhancing RSS traffic.

FeedForAll is a software tool designed to create, edit, and publish RSS feeds. Webmasters have the ability to create new RSS feeds from scratch, or modify and enhance existing RSS feeds.

A fully functional demo of RSS Submit is available to the public at

A fully functional demo of FeedForAll is available to the public at

Additional Partner Details

01/10/2005 Podcasting Tutorial
As a convenience to FeedForAll customer's who are podcasting we have created a podcasting tutorial.

The tutorial is a step by step instructional guide for creating a podcast (the tutorial does not address recording the audio, just the feed creation).

01/07/2005 No School Announcement via RSS
A great way for radio or TV stations to deliver weather related school cancellations is via RSS! This is a great use of RSS and highly recommended. Keep lists constantly update so listeners will stay informed.

01/05/2005 Publishing In Advance
Here is a tip for those that prepare their RSS feeds prior to the day they want the material published.
Change the Pub Date to reflect the time and date that you want the content available! Simply click the date box, located below the item url box, and select a future date and time.

01/04/2005 OutFront Front Page Experts Partner
OutFront is quality FrontPage help providing tutorials, forums, tools, templates, and services to make your FrontPage Web site great. They are familiar with FeedForAll and using RSS feeds, FTP and FrontPage.
We welcome OutFront as a new FeedForAll partner.

01/04/2005 Forum Reminder - RSS Support
FeedForAll has a forum available to answer RSS related questions. The forum posts are also available via an RSS Feed.

Please feel free to participate and ask any questions related to RSS and podcasting.

01/03/2005 FeedForAll Newsletter
We have just posted this month's FeedForAll newsletter. The newsletter covers a number of new relationships, discount opportunities and related resources.

If you wish to subscribe to the FeedForAll newsletter please send an email to with subscribe as the subject line.


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