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06/20/2006 RSS Forum
If you have questions about RSS, even if it is not specific to FeedForAll, rss2html, FutureRSS, RSSmesh or other tools from NotePage, you can post generic questions in the general RSS forum and someone will assist you!

06/20/2006 10 Tips to Podcasting Success
As podcasts increase in popularity, listeners have more choices. So while you might be ahead of the competition, you should still be thinking about ways that you can make your podcast unique and stand out from similarly themed podcasts.

10 Tips to Podcasting Success

06/13/2006 FeedForAll Newsletter About RSS
Read the latest news from FeedForAll information includes:
Electric Feeds
New Namespaces
New RSS Directories
RSS Articles
and more!

06/07/2006 Specifically for Realtors
We've discovered a directory specifically for realtors! The Realty Feeds directory includes RSS feeds about home sales, apartments for rent and property that is available.

06/06/2006 Tips to Promoting an RSS Feed
There is little argument from webmasters and publishers that RSS brings in traffic. So once you've made the leap and created a feed, how do you tell your visitors about the feed?

1. Submit Your RSS Feed to RSS Directories.
This will not only increase the number of sites linking to your website and increasing your link popularity, it will also increase the RSS feeds profile. A number of RSS search engines and RSS directories exist that allow you to freely submit RSS feeds. Feeds are generally categorized and grouped together by subject. Web surfers looking for RSS feeds about a specific subject will often search the RSS directories, to locate a feed that matches their specific criteria. Topic specific RSS feed and podcasting directories are also emerging. Choose a web feed's category carefully and only submit relevant feeds to topic specific directories.

Tips to Publicizing RSS Feeds

06/05/2006 RSS Cache Updated
A new version of RSS Cache has been released. RSS Cache helps webmasters save bandwith and decrease the amount of time it takes to display the contents of an RSS feed.

06/01/2006 New Version RSS2html Released
rss2html.php has been updated. The new script is freely available. The rss2hml.php script allows webmasters and publishers to display the contents of an RSS feed as an HTML web page.

New features can be seen in the rss2html release notes!


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