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RSS Solutions for Law Enforcement

FeedForAll helps Law Enforcement Professionals communicate with the general public and other agencies in a prompt efficient manner. Using RSS police are able to quickly disseminate urgent and life threatening information quickly.


RSS Feeds can be used by police to issue:

Amber Alerts
- Create feeds with detailed descriptions to quickly spread the word about missing or abducted children.


Sex Offender Community Notification - Create RSS feeds with specifics related to the release of sex offenders into communities.


Weather Alerts - Create feeds to notify the public of evacuation notices related to impending storms or storm warnings.


Scheduling - Create feeds to announce shift openings or union meetings to interested community members.


Security Alerts - Create news feeds to announce security alerts or specific terror warnings to general public and other departments.


Police Report - Create news feeds to communicate police action.


Meetings - Create RSS feeds to announce Union meetings, urgent issues or votes.

Other ideas for Security Feeds
Sample RSS Feeds:

Amber Alert!
Missing 9 year old girl red shirt, black pants, Nike sneakers from Lancaster area last seen 6:00 PM in Walmart parking lot.

Released Level II Sex Offender
Level II sex offender registered at 83 Maple Drive, Norfolk.

Mandatory Evacuation
Mandatory evacuation by 4 PM 9/16 for all residents west of rte 14 in Herkimore County.

Overtime Opportunity

Monday 12/10 4:00 shift, notify Officer Julian if you want to cover.

Specified Threat to Trains
The Dept of Homeland Security has received credible information that that terror suspects are planning an attack against trains.
Additional Information

Domestic Disturbance
123 Vine St, removed male from home due to safety concerns

Union Vote - 12/3
Vote on current contract negotiations at Union Hall from 6-10 on 12/3
Software to create, edit an publish RSS feeds:


rss feeds

Easily create, edit and publish RSS feeds. RSS is the standard for content distribution and syndication. Law enforcement can create feeds to keep the public informed about safety issues.


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Sampling of Law Enforcement Customers using FeedForAll:

American Lawyer Media
Australian Institute of Criminology
Center of Law and Security
Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies
College of William and Mary Law School
Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions
Courtroom Connect
Daily Bailout
Defense Intelligence Agency
Department of Homeland Security
FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Judicial Center
Franklin Pierce Law Center
Hartford Police Department
Harvard Law Review
Homeland Defense Week
Homeland Security
Hoover Police Dept
Industrial Defender
Legal and Commercial Translations

Legislative Service Center
Macks Solicitors
Merseyside Police Department
Minnesota Bar Association
Natural Resources Defense Council
Office of Court Administration (State of Texas)
Office of the States Attorney for Baltimore City
Oklahoma Department of Security
Philadephia Bar Association
RT Coopers Solicitors
South Carolina Bar
Superior Court of California County of Santa Clara
Sword and Shield Enterprise Security
The Oklahoma Department of Securities
Think Forensics LLC
Washington University School of Law
Withy King Solicitors