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03/22/2006 Social Bookmarking and RSS
Delicious RSS
Delicious is a social bookmarking system, that is notable, not only for its unusual web address, but for its unusual approach to content building that is becoming increasingly popular. In order to ease the burden of producing consistent stream of fresh content, publishers are turning to users to build, categorize and qualify content. While this is said to be part of the web 2.0 phenomenon, publishers realize the value of collaboration.

Social bookmarking allows users to qualify content. With Delicious, each "bookmark" of a specific webpage is seen as a vote of confidence. The more people who bookmark a specific webpage, the more credible the webpage is viewed.

Delicious RSS

03/14/2006 RSS Scripts Directory Launched
NotePage, Inc. is pleased to announce a new RSS Scripts Directory. The RSS Scripts Directory contains helpful scripts for managing, manipulating and converting RSS feeds. The intent of the the RSS Scripts Directory is to help users fully realize the potential and functionality of the RSS specification.

RSS is a popular new format used to syndicate information on the Internet. NotePage's FeedForAll division has developed a collection of tools to assist publishers interested in syndication. Current scripts contained in the directory include RSS Cache, FutureRSS, and RSSmesh. The RSS Cache script module expedites the retrieval and conversion of RSS feeds into html web pages. The FutureRSS script enables webmasters to prepare content for their RSS feeds in advance, and have it automatically appear at the desired date and time. The RSSmesh script allows for multiple RSS feeds to be merged into a single RSS feed. All of the scripts dynamically manipulate the RSS feeds, so all management occurs in realtime.

Access to the RSS Scripts directory is available at no cost to all registered users of FeedForAll or FeedForAll Mac. All others can purchase an annual subscription to the directory for $29.95. Additional scripts will be added to the directory in the future.

Additional details related to the RSS Scripts directory can be found at:

03/06/2006 RSSmesh Combines Multiple Feeds into a Single RSS Feed
RSSmesh is a PHP script that enables webmasters to merge the contents of multiple RSS feeds into a single feed.

The RSSmesh script can be used with any RSS 2.0 feed, and allows webmasters to select the number of items they want to include from each source RSS feed. Advanced caching technology is also built in, caching both the source and destination feeds, resulting in reduced bandwith usage and increased download speeds.

The new RSSmesh script is freely available to all registered users of FeedForAll and FeedForAll Mac. Additional details are available at . Optionally, webmasters can subscribe to FeedForAll's RSS Scripts directory for a nominal fee of $29.95. The scripts directory access includes RSSmesh and a handful of other valuable RSS related scripts. Additional details are available at .

03/06/2006 RSS Scripts Updates
A new version of rss2html.php has been posted. The new version

Add controls to allow limiting of Feed Title, Feed Description, Item Title and Item Description and Support for character set conversions.

Updates to RSS Cache have also been made available that allow the cached data to be returned even when it has expired, if the remote server can not be reached to obtain the new data.

And a new RSS Script has been made available.

03/06/2006 How Are You Using RSS?
How are you using RSS? Care to be profiled? We are expanding the white papers section at:

We and are looking to talk to users about RSS innovation. Help us tell your story! Contact us at

03/06/2006 Primary Ways to Profit From RSS feeds
Rok Hrastnik from Marketing Studies makes a valid point in his blog about my article on Monetizing RSS . I focussed on secondary revenue sources and neglected to highlight the primary and most important revenue source from RSS, direct sales! So many articles in the past have focussed on RSS benefits which focus on primary revenue benefits, that I did not include them in the monetizing article. I should have referenced the other articles to provide a clearer picture of the benefits to RSS.
Thanks Rok for pointing that out.


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