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05/30/2006 Selecting an RSS Reader
While many have resisted the urge to decipher the meaning behind the acronym RSS, the vast majority of technically knowledgeable online surfers have begun incorporating RSS into their daily routines. Why go through the hassle of understanding something new, the novice might want to know? Because it saves time, and time is a precious commodity these days.

The contents of an RSS feed can be read any number of ways. A variety of tools, both fee based and free, to read RSS feeds are available on the Internet.

Tips to Selecting an RSS Reader

05/16/2006 RSS Feeds and Fair Use
Regardless of whether you manage an RSS feed or syndicate existing feeds, it is a good idea to become familiar with what constitutes fair use under copyright laws. Fair use allows portions of copy written material to be reproduced or republished without the consent or permission from the copyright holder.

What is Fair Use?

05/16/2006 New Namespace Additions
Two new namespaces have been added to the namespace directory.  The two additions are: OpenSearch and Remote Ads.

05/15/2006 Add RSS to the Enterprise
If you want to leverage RSS for your company without the limitations of a third-party provider that sits outside your firewall, Electric Feeds offers a solution for you.

Add RSS to the Enterprise

05/10/2006 FeedForAll Mac Release
A minor update has been made to FeedForAll Mac. The update makes sure that registered users are able to upgrade and evaluate newer versions.

05/08/2006 New RSS Search Engines
Submit your feeds to these topic specific RSS and Podcasting directories.

Realty Feeds - Homes for sale via RSS and other real estate related feeds.

Religious Podcasts - Religious sermons via RSS. All faiths represented.

05/05/2006 RSS Marketing Survey
Marketing Studies a FeedForAll partner is conducting an RSS Marketing Survey.

By providing your personal experiences with RSS you will receive a free copy of the full 2006 RSS Marketing Survey Report. The report will include RSS marketing best practices and metrics, you can then compare your RSS marketing practices with those of your peers, and improve your RSS marketing results.

Participate in the 2006 RSS Marketing Survey

05/03/2006 Electric Feeds New Partner
We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Electric Feeds. Electric Feeds provide services that assist businesses with the construction and promotion of RSS feeds.

05/02/2006 Tips to Promoting Podcasts
Podcast promotion should be approached with the same tactics as website promotion. Identifying and informing your audience will increase communication and dialogue.

Podcasting is a great new medium, but creating a podcast is only half of the work. Promoting a podcast is equally critical to it's success.

Tips to Promoting Podcasts

05/02/2006 Product RSS Namespace recently added a namespace extension. The Product RSS namespace extension has been detailed to make the setup easy.

Be sure to use the beta of FeedForAll or the latest version of FeedForAll Mac, as both have integrated support of the namespace extensions.

05/01/2006 PHP Magazine Recognizes rss2html.php
The rss2html.php script, that instantly converts RSS feeds to HTML web pages was mentioned in a recent issue of PHP Magazine.


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