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RSS Solutions for the Media

FeedForAll helps the Media communicate with listeners and viewers.


RSS Feeds can be by TV stations and newspapers to present:

TV Schedules
- Create an RSS feed to tell viewers the planned television viewing schedule.

Movie Schedules
- Create an RSS feed to tell viewers the movie schedule.

News Feeds - Create XML news feeds to tell readers the latest headlines.

Calendar of Events - Create news feeds to communicate community events.
Sample RSS Feeds:

Adelphia Primetime 8/15

8:00 PM
5 Starsky Hutch
7 Magnum PI
8 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
10 Dawson's Creek

Local Skiers Stranded

3 skiers stranded in North Mountains in Vermont from local town of Sneedsville.
boys ages 16 lost on mountain

Calendar of Events - Timberton
The Timberton fair is scheduled Sept 9-10, at the fair grounds, greased pigs races will be at 4:00.
Software to create, edit an publish RSS feeds:


Easily create, edit and publish RSS feeds. RSS is the standard for content distribution and syndication. Law enforcement can create feeds to keep the public informed about safety issues.


Sampling of Media Companies Using FeedForAll:

Access Hollywood
American Business Media
American Free Press
Australian Radio Network
B2B Media
BrewDog Radio
Business Week
Canadian Broadcasting Corp
Canada Free Press
Celebrity Radio Productions
Channel 2 News - KATU TV
CMP Media
Code Amber News Service
CookieJar Media
Community Access TV
Contacto Magazine
Digital Media Artists Group
DMG Radio
dmg Radio Australia
Eclipse Magazine
Environment News Service
ERRI/EmergencyNet News
Fox Cable Networks
Fox Cable News
FOX Media Company Ltd
Fox Reality Channel
Frontier Channel
Fusion Media Services Ltd
Future Publishing
Great Western Publishing
Harvard Law Review
Hearst Magazines
Highstreet Advertising Pty Ltd
Infomedia UK Ltd
Interactive TV Today
Iraq War Today
Israel National News
iTeck Media
Joffee Publishing Inc
KFOU Radio
KRCB TV & Radio
Macquarie Radio Network
MaLContent Media LLC
Marchant Media
McGraw-Hill Publishing
Media Maker Publishing Ltd
Momentum Media Marketing
MWS Media
National Geographic Society
NBC Universal
NerdNews TV

New Fox Media
New Harvest Media Inc
Now Intermedia Inc.
Oak Tree Press
Ohio News Alerts
ORourke Media Ltd
Oxygen Media
PathFinder Productions
PC Magazine
PC World
Philadelphia Newspapers Inc
Press Democrat
Racing Media
Readers Digest Association
Ring Media
Roanoke Times and World News
RSS Daily News
Silhouette Digital Media
Simply Media TV Ltd
Small Business Computing
Sound and Fury Productions
SP Productions
Spalsh Media
Stage 3 Media
The New MediaCompany
The Washington Post
University of California Press
US Media Corp, LLC.
USSA News Bureau
Wall Street Examiner
WICN Public Radio
World Magazine
Working TV
YES! Magazine
View Magazine
Warner Bros Entertainment, Inc.
WashingtonPost Newsweek Interactive
Webcom Communications
Windows Magazine
Wonder Audio
Working TV
World Magazine
World Revolution Radio
WRAF Radio
Wulff Media
YTWD Radio
Xtreme Media
Zenit International Publishing