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10/27/2006 Kudos for FeedForAll
This was posted on a customers blog:

For those of us who know enough to be dangerous, but probably should not be writing our own code, Feed for All comes to the rescue to write your RSS Feeds.

An RSS feed is an index of your website, your blog, or in my case: a video podcast. To post your podcasts to iTunes, you must supply an RSS feed in a certain format for the iTunes store to list your podcast properly. When you post new content to your site, the RSS feed must be updated. For most blogs, this is done automatically. For iTunes, one must do it manually.

FeedForAll Kudos

10/16/2006 Minor FeedForAll Mac Update
FeedForAll Mac v2.0.0.4 has been posted. The new version incorporates some very minor improvements.

10/13/2006 Expanded RSS Use
Take a look at how these companies are using RSS. We have recently expanded the white papers adding some new RSS profiles.

10/12/2006 iTunes Podcasting Tutorial
A new tutorial for FeedForAll's beta has been posted. The tutorial walks users through setting up an iTunes compatible podcast.

10/10/2006 NEW RSS Script - RSS2HTML Pro
A new add on PHP script, RSS2HTML Pro not only dynamically converts RSS feeds to HTML web pages, but also allows webmasters and publishers to build an index of feed items as a separate HTML web page. The advanced features and indexing of feed items makes it easier for website visitors to navigate.

10/05/2006 FeedForAll News
Read the latest RSS newsletter from FeedForAll. The newsletter includes details about the latest releases, new products, tips for webmasters and educational articles about RSS.

10/03/2006 Podcasting FAQ Winner
Our Podcasting Knowledgebase was selected as the Podcast FAQ winner by Podcasting Tricks!

"The FeedForAll folks have done a great job of explaining podcasting and RSS on their site."

10/02/2006 New RSS Scripts Versions Available
A number of the scripts in the RSS directory have been upgraded including RSS2HTML, be sure to check the release notes to make sure that you are using the latest release version.

10/02/2006 Additional RSS2HTML Templates Added
We have added additional RSS2HTML logo templates to the RSS2HTML template directory. The logo templates incorporate a logo into the layout.

A subscription to the RSS2HTML template directory allows the subscriber to download an unlimited number of layouts and rss2html templates.

View the latest logo templates for rss2html.php


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