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FeedForAll won the 2005 Shareware Industry Award for the Best Internet Communication Tool., Lee Underwood - "Creating a new feed can be done manually or by using the New Feed Wizard. Either way, you will need to enter the title of the feed, a description and a link to the content on your site. There are other fields but they're optional. Next, you need to create the items you want listed in the feed by entering the title, description, a link to the full story and publication date of each item. Repeat the process for all items that you want to include. Then, save the file, and all that remains is to upload it to your Web site. Images can be added in the description field, if desired. A live spell checker for the Title and Description fields is included in the software and the program comes with an American language dictionary. In addition, you can download 19 language dictionaries from the company's Web site."

"The program has a built-in WYSIWYG editor for adding HTML formatting, if desired. The editor can be accessed from the menu or by double-clicking in the item description field. FTP Screen Although the feed data is entered using a form-type interface, the actual source code can be seen at any time by clicking on the View Source XML button in the button bar, or by choosing Source from the View menu."

"Using the built-in FTP program, uploading the RSS file to your Web site is a snap. All that's needed is the FTP server address, username, password, path and filename. It would be even easier if there were a drop-down list of recently accessed files or a "browse" button, but these don't exist. The program defaults to the open feed so if you want to use FTP to upload another file, you need to type in the name, along with its path, if necessary. Using any one of three basic templates, the feed can also be exported to HTML, text or CSV formats (you can also create your own). Note: Be careful when exporting to a file. There is no warning when you are about to overwrite an existing file."

"There is also a script available that will automatically convert the RSS feed into HTML for viewing on your Web site. Each time the feed is updated, the script will automatically update the HTML Web page . It's available for download from the FeedForAll Web site. The program includes excellent built-in documentation. There is an online forum for discussing problems and submitting feature requests for future releases. "

Dr File Finder - "FeedForAll, by NotePage, Inc., is one of those neat products that I get to see maybe a few times each year. It does one thing, RSS feeds, and it does everything there is to do with an RSS feed. To me, the program is very impressive with the depth that it has -- printing, exporting, image editing, FTP, and the like. This is not just an RSS feed tool, it's a complete RSS feed tool. RSS news feeds are the hot item on the Internet now. For businesses, for organizations, and for individuals. RSS feeds have been shown to increase Web traffic and they are a great way for you to do some "real simple syndication" and get your thoughts and ideas out there. I'm so impressed with FeedForAll that I'm not just making it a "Pick", but I'm also making it a Dr. File Finder Favorite and those are few and far between. So, if you're into RSS news feeds and you'd like to try your hand at doing one of your own, this is THE program to use! GIve it a try for yourself, it has my highest recommendation!"

Stampede Secret / Laura Childs - "I just LOVE it when something new happens along that makes life so much easier. FeedForAll is one such discovery! Forget about setting aside time every day or week to update your feed. Now you'll do it in minutes, on the fly, and ftp the file directly from the software to your server. Need a spell check? It's in the software. Fed up heading over to the validator with every update? Go ahead and delete the validator url from your favorites menu - this software won't let you mess up your feed code! My life just got oodles customers lives just got easier...I hope yours does as well."

Tucows - "This allows you to create, edit and publish RSS feeds. Existing RSS feeds can be repaired and enhanced with this program. "

feedforall review

Dr File Finder QuickPick - "FeedForAll is a nifty tool that's in beta testing that makes it easy to create, publish, and even edit RSS news feeds. A neat feature is that the program can actually 'repair' RSS feeds that were created with something else. And, the feeds created by FeedForAll conforms to the RSS 2.0 specifications. This is a great, new product for a first-rate company. I'm beta testing this myself. So, if you're also interested in participating in the "Weblog" phenomenon, check this out!"

Derek Franklin's Digital Library
"But if you don't have a blog, and you just don't feel like starting one, that doesn't mean you can't join in on the RSS phenomenon that's hitting the Web. Start creating your own RSS feeds right now using FeedForAll, a new tool specifically built for helping you create as many RSS feeds as you want! "

"This thing is an RSS publisher's dream. Want proof? Check out this feature list. Do you think HTML editors have evolved into publishing powerhouses over the past 8 years? In my opinion, FeedForAll represents the first generation of tools that will do the same for creating RSS content. "

" What FeedForAll version 6 will look like is probably beyond speculation at this point, but I suspect that we'll eventually see audio, video, and search integration, along with automation tools for affiliate products. "

feedforall review

Lockergnome / Dave Collins - "A few months ago, I decided to finally dip my toes into the murky waters of RSS. To describe it as an ocean of opportunities is an understatement. The problem was finding a desktop application to create the feeds. It should be simple enough, right? Wrong. Most of the options out there were too complex, too buggy, or simply had too many features that I would/could never use. Until now. FeedForAll is the solution that I was looking for, and is a quick and easy way to create, edit and publish rss feeds. No fuss. No feature bloat. No problem! New RSS feeds can be quickly and easily created with the software, and FeedForAll pulls you through the process of creating professional looking feeds in an extremely short period of time."

The Great Software List - Advocating the Best; Ignoring the Mediocre - "Prodigious. With FeedForAll, NotePage shows us why interface matters (FeedForAll's is skinnable), and why interface can make a good program a great program by making it easy to use. FeedForAll allows users to easily create, edit and publish RSS feeds. RSS is the standard for content distribution and syndication. "

Excess Voice - "Best of all, it passed my personal 'new-program-usability-test'. That is to say, I figured out how to use FeedForAll without having to read a single word of instructions, or become irritated by having to open Help files. If, like me, you have limited programming skills, but want to use RSS feeds effectively, I can highly recommend this program."

WinPlanet - "As a Web developer, part of your job may be to create RSS feeds or develop a method that a client can use directly. In the past, this was usually done manually or through the use of Perl scripts, but now there are several software applications that make the creation process much easier."

"FeedForAll is one of those programs. Created by NotePage, Inc., FeedForAll was first released in November 2004. It helps users create, edit, and publish RSS feeds, and is easy to use. You don't have to concern yourself with the actual coding of the feed; the software takes care of all of that. "

VistaFiles - After downloading and testing a decision was made to give an award a 5 star award to rss2html. Thank you for great software.


Public Television Station Web Development - "FeedForAll has one of the best known tools for the dynamic creation of RSS feeds, and the software, although powerful, is very cheap."

Jake Ludington,

Podcasting Starter Kit - "It is possible to hand code RSS and manually update the file each time you upload a new audio file. The potential for errors in hand coding makes using software more effective. The solution I prefer, FeedForAll, works well for both IIS and Apache hosted Websites. Below I walk through how to publish and update a podcast RSS feed using FeedForAll. FeedForAll is available for both Windows and Mac users for $39.95. Try it free for 30 days to make sure it's the best solution for your podcast publishing needs. A beta version with iTunes support is currently available. Before you proceed, make sure you know the location of the audio files for your podcast. Ideally, these should be either MP3 or WMA files, although MP3 insures maximum compatibility at this point. Stepping through FeedForAll's Feed Creation Wizard is one of the easiest ways to get a handle on publishing your podcast."


Jake Ludington is the Producer of The Chris Pirillo Show podcast and Internet radio broadcast. He writes about audio and video solutions for his Digital Lifestyle newsletter audience and visitors to Jake is the author of Easy Digital Home Movies (ISBN 0789731142) and is currently writing a book on podcasting and video blogging for Prentice Hall. For his contributions in supporting Windows Media, Jake is recognized by Microsoft as a Digital Media MVP. He also wrote the best-selling tutorial Converting Vinyl LPs to CD. "

Podcast Promotion - iTunes

I?’ve got an excellent tool to help you both manage and promote your podcast called FeedForAll. With FeedForAll you can create, edit and publish RSS feeds. They?’ve got both PC and Mac versions and it?’ll even create RSS feeds that are compatible with iTunes. Now, this is software that you actually buy. You download it and you can try a demo for like 30 days I think.


Podcasting Tools - Creating RSS Feeds By Bruce Chandley,

Podcasting Tools - "First of all let me say that after trying most other methods of creating the needed files for Podcasting. I purchased FeedForAll, due to the ease of use and simplistic layout. I just needed to get it done, and not mess around. After attempting to explain the method of creating a Podcast RSS feed via email, to several people who contacted me at The Podcast Bunker. I searched for the easiest method which gives you complete control over your podcast feed. This seems to be a stumbling block and don't feel bad, it is just a bit confusing. FeedForAll has a 30 day trial. So lets grab it and get started. In simple terms what your are doing is creating a file with the mp3 as enclosure in the rss feed. This is where I have to recommend and have used FeedForAll. I can promise that you will thank me when you find it only takes about 10 minutes to become an official "Podcaster" FeedForAll has a wizard to guide you effortlessly through the process, or you can venture out and create a podcast feed in 3 steps. These screen shots below give you and idea of how quick it happens. I would go into great detail about each step in the process. But that is not needed with this product."


Bruce Chandley was in radio for 15 years and also started the very first "internet Only Radio Network" in 1999. The Sixty Seconds Radio network produced daily content in the form of News Headlines and World Wide Weather in a 60 second format, which was used on over 250 internet Radio Stations around the world.

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