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RSS Uses

RSS can be used to distribute all types of content. The potential for RSS as a content distribution method is significant, the following is a sampling of uses for RSS feeds:


New Homes - realtors can provide updated feeds of new home listings on the market

Job Openings - placement firms and newspapers can provide a classifieds feed of job vacancies

Auction Items - auction vendors can provide feeds containing items that have been recently added to ebay or other auction sites

Forum Headlines - support forums can provide a listing of new forum threads

Product Sales or Specials - one look at Amazon opens the mind to the endless product sale potential using RSS. Currently Amazon delivering a headline-view of the top 10 bestsellers in that category or set of search results.

Airlines - report flight delays

Schools - schools can relay homework assignments and quickly announce school cancellations.

Entertainment - listings of the latest tv programs or movies at local theaters

Press Distribution - feed for press with new releases

News & Announcements - headlines, notices and any list of announcements

Document listings - lists of added or changed pages, so that people don't need to constantly check for updates

Bookmarks and other external links - perfect for sharing lists of external links

Calendars - listings of past or upcoming events, deadlines or holidays

Search results - to let people track changing or new results to their searches


The possibilities are simply endless ! If you are using RSS in an innovative way be sure to drop us a note and !