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Podcasting Knowledgebase

Common questions about podcasting, itunes, namespace extensions and videocasting. Feel free to send our webmasters any podcast questions and we will post the answers in the podcasting knowledgebase.

Uses for Podcasts

How to Convert RSS feeds into PDFs

How Do I Make a Podcast?

How Do I Download Podcasts?

What is the Difference Between Blogging and Podcasting?

How do You Record Audio from YouTube?

Podcast Definition

Who Created Podcasting?

How to Make a Podcast for a Website?

How Do I Edit Audio Files?

What are Podcast Clients or Podcatchers?

What are the Legalities of Recording Telephone Interviews?

What are ID3 Tags?

How Do you Create and Maintain a Podcast Feed?

Will RecordForAll run under Windows 7?

Will FeedForAll Run under Windows 7?

Will RecordForAll Run Under Vista?

Where Can I Find Sound Effects for My Podcast?

How Do I Subscribe to a Podcast?

How Do I Create a Video Podcast?

Where Can I Submit My Video Podcasts?

How Can I Submit My Podcast to iTunes?

Can iTunes Host Podcasts?

My iTunes Music Did Not Download, What Do I Do?

Any Tips for Getting Subscribers?

Where Can I Find Intros and Extros?

How Will Musicians Benefit From Podcasting?

How Do I Remove a Sound Segment from My Podcast?

Where Do I Submit my Political Podcast?

How Do I Make Podcasts Members Only?

Any Suggestions for Podcasting Interviews?

How Do Your Record Podcast Audio?

Where Can I Find Educational Podcasts?

Where Can I find Podcast Music?

What is an Enhanced Podcast?

How Can I Improve the Audio Quality of My Podcast?

How Can I Tell If My Podcast is Successful?

Where Can I Get an iPod Manual?

Where Can I Locate Podcasts?

My Podcasts Will Not Show Up in My Party Shuffle Why?

How Much Room Do Podcasts Take Up On An iPod?

Can You Tell Me Where Podcasting Buttons Are?

How Can I Validate My Podcast?

How Do I Make My RSS Feed Work with iTunes?

Where Do I Submit My Religious Podcast?

How Can I Promote My Podcast?

Can You Give Some Basic Podcasting Tips?

What Are Some Innovative Uses for Podcasts?

How Do You Convert Text to Audio?

What is an Enhanced Podcast?

How Do I Suggest My Podcast for the Top Podcast List?

What Happens to Podcasts with Illegal Material?

Can I Add Music to My Podcast?

Can RSS Readers Auto Detect Podcasts?

Do You Delete Old Audio Files From Podcasts?

What Subjects are Covered in Podcasts?

Where Can I get a Podcast Button?

How Can I Measure The Success of My Podcast?

How Can I Get People to Listen to My Podcast?

What is the Type in The Enclosure Field?

What is the Difference Between a Podcast Feed and an RSS Feed?

What are the Benefits to Podcasts?

What Kinds of Things Can You Listen to in a Podcast?

What is The Difference Between a NetCast and Podcast?

Why Are Some Podcasts so Different?

My Podcast Was Removed from ITMS Why?

How Come My Podcast is Not Appearing in the iTunes Music Store?

What are the different kinds of iPods?

Can a Podcast Item Have Multiple Enclosures?

How Many Podcasts Should I Have?

How Long Should I Maintain an Archive?

Do You Have To Enter the Podcasts Length?

Can Podcasts Be Auto-Discovered?

Where Can I get Free Music for My Podcast?

Do I need an iPod to listen to a podcast?

How Much Do Podcasts in iTunes Cost?

What are ID3 Tags?

What Audio Format Should I Use for My Podcast?

What is the Mime Type for .Mov Files?

How Do I Promote My Podcast?

How Do I Make My Podcast iTunes Ready?

What is an MP3 File?

Who Will Host My Podcast Cheaply?

What Format Should the Video File be for a Videocast?

How Do I Convert Text to a Podcast?

What is the Difference Between a Podcast and Broadcast?

Where Do I Submit My Podcast?

How Can I Synchronize the Video With My Podcast?

What File Format Can Podcasts Be In?

What Should I Use to Create Podcasts?


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