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What Format Should the Video File be for a Videocast?

What file format should be used for a video podcast?

You can use any valid video file format for video podcasts. If you are using a namespace extension like itunes or MediaRSS you may need to use a specific format that is defined in that particular namespace.

The following are mime type formats that could be used for video enclosures.

popular mime types for video
.mov = video/quicktime
.avi = video/x-msvideo
.mpeg = video/mpeg
.mp4 = video/mp4

less common mime types for video
.dif = video/x-dv
.dv = video/x-dv
.m4u = video/vnd.mpegurl
.m4v = video/x-m4v
.mpe = video/mpeg
.mpeg = video/mpeg
.mpg = video/mpeg
.mxu = video/vnd.mpegurl
.qt = video/quicktime


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