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Can Podcasts Be Auto-Discovered?

I know you can use auto-discovery tags for RSS feeds, does it work the same for podcasts?

Yes, podcasts are RSS feeds with content (usually audio content) in the enclosure field but it is still an RSS feed. You would set up auto discovery the same way for a podcast as you would for an RSS feed.

For those not familiar with auto-discovery, it is simply a tag that is included in a webpages HTML header tag that indicates an RSS feed (or in this case a podcast) is available. Many of the popular news aggregators and readers automatically detect the feed when auto-discovery code is used in the webpages header.

To setup auto discovery you just need to add one line of code to the web page header. For reader compatibility I've used brackets rather than the less than and equal signs that should be used.

[link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Feed Title" href="" /]

Be sure to use greater than and less than instead of brackets <>.

The value of title should be the title of your podcast, this really should relate to the podcasts contents and not just be an ambiguous "My Podcast".

The link should link directly to the RSS feed on your website.

By adding the above to your website many browsers and aggregators will automatically detect a podcast on your website. FireFox, Safari and IE 7 all support feed auto-discovery.

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