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How Many Podcasts Should I Have?

Do you need to create a new RSS feed for every audio file?

No. Typically the feed encompasses a general topic and each item within the feed relates to the general topic in someway. When you have a new related audio file you simply add a new item to your feed and enclosure to your feed. If all of your audio files are totally unrelated and do not have any common theme you can create separate feeds and group the items into the related feeds.

An example - ABC College is interested in podcasting, Professor Aaay teaches Economics and Statistics and he has 2 RSS feeds, one containing his lectures from the Economics class and one containing lectures from his Statistics class. Professor Beee teaches Multi-Variable Calculus and has a single feed, that contains his class lectures. Each lecture is a separate item in the feeds.

Within each professor's feed they might cover different material that is varied, but the common theme is that it all the material discussed relates to a specific class that they teach.

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