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My Podcast Was Removed from ITMS Why?

My podcast was listed in the iTunes Music Store, it has since been removed. Why was my podcast removed from the ITMS?

There are a number of reasons that Apple might have decided to remove your podcast.

1. The podcast was not functioning properly, users reported having difficulties downloading or playing it.

To make sure this is not the case, test your podcast by subscribing to it, validate your podcast feed, or use a tool to create the podcast feed rather than handcoding it.

2. The podcast was listed incorrectly. Either the wrong language or category was selected.

When submitting your podcast pay particular attention to the category selection.

3. The podcast contained explicit content without an explicit tag.

It is important that you identify content with the appropriate classification. Apple has little tolerance for material that is improperly identified.

4. The podcasts contained copyrighted material, and the copyright owner asked us to remove it.

Keep in mind when including musical tracks in your podcasts that the music must be properly licensed. You must pay licensing fees, use podsafe music or contract the artist to provide an original work. It is illegal to incorporate another individuals creative in your podcast without the appropriate permissions or licenses.  

5. The podcast was old or a duplicate.  

- Podcasting Knowledgebase Feed

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