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Why Are Some Podcasts so Different?

I have subscribed to a handful of podcasts and I was shocked by the quality differences between the podcasts. Why is there such a difference?

Podcasting has a very low barrier to entry. In fact podcasting actually requires very little equipment, as a result almost anyone can podcast.

That said the podcast recording equipment that podcasters use cover the spectrum, from high-quality recording and mixing equipment, to a plain old computer with a built in microphone. Hence the sound quality can vary signifcantly from one podcast to another. Hobbiest who are just testing the waters are unlikely to invest in the expensive recording equipment that some of the more experienced podcasters or businesses use, feeling that the power of their message is far more important than intro music or sound mixing.

Some podcasters take time to edit their podcasts, while others post everything in its raw recorded format, not editing out the coughs and "umms". As a result podcast quality can vary greatly.

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