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How Can I Measure The Success of My Podcast?

How can I tell how successful my podcast is? Are there any tools for measuring a podcast?

Great question, there are a number of different ways that success can be measured. First off you should monitor your bandwidth to get an idea of how many people are downloading the podcast. Are there traffic surges when you release a show? Do your archives receive activity after you release a current show? This could mean you are gaining new listeners. Keep in mind that there is no way to track whether a listener actually listens to a show. After downloading they could listen 100 times or none.

Other podcasters consider their success by the ratings that their podcast receives. Many of the podcast directories allow users to rate podcasts. Keep in mind that generally anyone can vote, so the ratings are not always reflective.

Other podcast directories actually review podcasts. These sites are a little more reflective of the podcasts quality. The reviews are generally detailed and will provide concrete pros-and-cons to the various podcasts. Generally the better the reviews the more people will listen.

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