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RSSmesh Release Notes

RSSmesh Release Notes

March 22, 2008:
Release Version Revision v3.12

  • Fix for PHP 5.3

October 18, 2008:
Release Version Revision v3.11

  • Update useragent so feedburner won't detect and change functionality for us

September 30, 2008
Release Version Revision v3.9

  • Check for the existance of fsockopen()

July 8, 2007
Release Version Revision v3.9

  • Create my own version of fopen() to try and get files when cURL is not available FeedForAll_fopen() is based on just connecting to the server // and reading the results.

May 30, 2007
Release Version Revision v3.8

  • Add the ability to have 3 more extra fields in RSSMesh
  • Fix the order of the XML parser, the previous order was incorrect and didn't work on all systems

May 27, 2007
Release Version Revision v3.7

  • Add a debug message when switching to fopen() because curl_init() does not exist
  • Fix the order of the XML parser, the previous order was incorrect and didn't work on all systems

May 24, 2007
Release Version Revision v3.5

  • Don't use == for an assignment
  • Including the config file

May 24, 2007
Release Version Revision v3.4

  • Use include_once() to prevent the config file from including the file
  • Including the config file

May 5, 2007
Release Version Revision v3.3

  • It seems the XML parser doesn't like most of the HTML entities, process them by hand
  • When checking for caching, check a function only in the caching module

May 3, 2007
Release Version Revision v3.1

  • Parse the iTunes Music Store namespace

April 18, 2007:
Release Version Revision v3.0:

  • Added support for the Atom 1.0 feed format. The feed elements in Atom 1.0 that are used feeds are supported.
  • Add the ability to parse and access elements in the iTunes(R), Dublin Core and TrackBack extensions.
  • Add the ability to run rssMesh.php from the configuration file, thus shortening the URL.
  • Update documentation.

March 26, 2007:
Release Version Revision v1.48.2.2:

  • Update license date and code cleanup

March 1, 2007:
Release Version Revision v1.46:

  • Add checks for safe_mode and open_basedir to prevent warning about CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION

January 17, 2007:
Release Version Revision v1.45:

  • Fix the problem of no caching when called from a different directory. When the script is called from a different directory, the caching system will look for the cache folder in the current directory instead of the directory with the script.

January 4, 2007:
Release Version Revision v1.44:

  • Put the feeds into rssMesh fields so they might be accessible. The new fields are:

November 22, 2006:
Release Version Revision v1.43:

  • Fix the creation of the element, the "isPermaLink" attribute wasn't being created properly.

October 18, 2006:
Release Version RSSmesh v1.42:

  • Fix "extra", should have been "feedExtra". Got missed on a code cleanup.

September 12, 2006:
Release Version RSSmesh v1.4:

  • Verify the length of the data read from the cache file is the same as the cache file. This resolves any issues if the server was not returning the right data.

August 17, 2006:
Release Version RSSmesh v1.37:

  • Fixed a type in a function name
  • Switched the tag to have a string that will match sql2rss.php

March 6, 2006:
Release Version RSSmesh v1.19:

  • Add support for multiple elements in an
  • RSSmesh.php now has an option that will allow the user to fill in a form and have the proper configuration generated.